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      College and university essays are materials written at a higher level of school. High-school papers do not require the same level of skill as this type of written materials. Students are allocated assignments involving university essay writing more than once every week. For this reason, it is essential that students acquire take note of certain skill-factors for proper writing.

 Concrete Statements

University essays are required to communicate vital messages. Students are supposed to discuss topics with a high level of relevance to society or environment within them. However, the university essay must be based on concrete statements. This means that students must consult academic references when developing academic papers. The purpose of research is to guide the writer make accurate and valid judgments about an issue. In addition, university essays must use references that are credible. Using credible books and journals to inform the topic of academic papers makes them reliable. University essays are papers that should be used as references. They are used by lower-level students to learn topics. This means that they should contain information that is accurate. They should have citations that show sources used to develop ideas presented. In addition, it should include a list of references at the back. Bibliographies or lists of references are vital for additional research as may be required to confirm the credibility of statements.

 Suited for Audience

Different university essays are written for different audiences. There are some that are written for technical reasons while others are written for general purposes. University essays written for general purposes should use language that is simple for the reader. Readers should not have a problem understanding statements. The problem is that readers do not have a sufficient amount of time to spend reading a lot of materials. Therefore, readers are discouraged from reading complex material. The loser, here, is the writer because their university essays fail to make an impact as required. The purpose of writing is to communicate important messages to the audience. For successful communication, it is necessary to use simple words so that readers comprehend the meaning in the shortest time possible.  Academic work targeted for a specific audience should reflect their beliefs and culture. This makes the materials relevant to the particular community. Papers that are not specific to the audience can be complex for the reader and can be boring.

 Good Format

Organization of university essays is very important.  The content of the academic work should be organized in sections, beginning from the introduction, middle sections, and to the conclusion. Organization content appropriately makes the academic work look standard. There are guidelines for paper organization that are relevant to specific academic field. The guidelines often include rules for paper margins, numbering styles, arrangement of headers and paragraphs, and other items of the format.  In academic writing, there are some formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Oxford that are acceptable across academic disciplines. However, in standard university essay writing processes, universities and various institutions have guidelines that specify the method of writing to use for specific types of work. Therefore, it is upon the writer to understand the requirements for the format and develop the papers following guidelines accurately.  It is the expectation of examiners that students should demonstrate high knowledge of writing guidelines, in preparing university essays.

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