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Schools and examiners use certain criteria to evaluate the quality of essays. Therefore, legitimate custom writing implies that the procedure of preparing academic essays follow standard guidelines. This is to ensure that the material satisfies the expectation.

Relevance to the Thesis
Persons engaged in legitimate custom writing should ensure that the essay or report is relevant to the essay question or thesis. Normally, the process of preparing essays begins by establishing the thesis that the writer wants to explore. The next phase would be to read a variety of materials to be familiar with the thesis and concepts required to use in providing answers to the essay question. The ideal situation is that the student or writer should begin the process of legitimate custom writing with a list of sources identified for the purpose. This can occur in the form of an annotated bibliography as might be required in certain studies. An annotation of sources is a compilation of references with summary descriptions. The summaries presented should provide the connection between sources chosen and the thesis of the paper. In certain cases, it can be a simple list of sources. It is fundamental that the student uses the sources provided by the instructor, in the form of a reading list for the course. Legitimate custom writing should use sources that are relevant to the topic being explored by the student. Ensuring relevance to the topic begins with a good selection of sources.

Proper Organization
The other fundamental factor for legitimate custom writing is the format or paper organization. Different institutions recommend specific paper formats for legitimate custom writing. These are formats that are acceptable in completing different assignments. Companies providing legitimate custom writing online for students ensure their writers are knowledgeable in various formats used in academic materials. It is critical for writers to read about specific formats and master the procedure of structuring essays or reports using the format guidelines so that legitimate custom writing results in academic materials that are of professional quality. The writer can utilize MLA, APA, Oxford, or Harvard guidelines to write academic materials. The choice depends on the area of study and instructions provided for specific homework assignments. This implies that a writer engaged in legitimate custom writing online should read and comprehend instructions prior to beginning legitimate custom writing process regardless of the nature of assignments.

Articulate Presentation
Legitimate custom writing processes should produce papers that are well presented. The words should be legible, i.e. properly type. This means that the right font is used. The length of the paper should conform to the expectations of the instructor as indicated in the instruction, in the form of the page-number or word count specifications. After the legitimate custom writing process has produced a draft, it is essential that the writer proofreads the entire work carefully. It is also vital to ensure that sources are well cited and the paper properly referenced. This implies that legitimate custom writing includes developing a properly done list of sources. This is done according to the guidelines that govern the development of bibliographies. This depends on the format chosen for the procedure. Therefore, it is essential to consider instructions of the format when creating the bibliography and citation of sources within the content of the material.

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