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Where to Get a 24/7 Research Paper Writing Assistance

The task of completing a research paper assignment is usually a nightmare for many students. This is why many students opt to use 24/7 research papers services when it comes to completing these assignments. Our 24/7 research papers services present a number of benefits to students. The first benefit is the opportunity to save their precious time. The process of completing academic assignment is characterized by numerous tasks, which consume a substantial amount of the student’s time. The student has to find a topic, conduct research, gather information, write the paper, and revise the paper several time in order to eliminate mistakes. When you purchase our 24/7 research papers services, all these tasks are transferred to a professional writer. The 24/7 research papers services has provided reprieve to students who combine their studies and other responsibilities such as work and family. As results of these services, these students are able to find ample time to fulfill other obligations. Another benefit associated with our 24/7 research papers services is that it gives students the chance to improve their grades.

Legitimate Services

Academic papers account for a substantial portion of the student’s overall grades. Therefore, students need to score highly in these assignments in order to improve their chances of getting optimum grades. Our 24/7 research papers services enables students to get high scores on the assignments because our papers are written by highly qualified writers. We have writers who professional in different fields. This not only enables us to provide quality papers, but also enables us to provide services to students from different academic fields. Finding legitimate 24/7 research papers services is not an easy task. There are many firms that purport to provide these services. However, not all companies that make these claims are genuine. There are companies that were established with the sole intention of making quick money by taking advantage of unsuspecting students. Our 24/7 research papers enables you to avoid disappointments by giving you services that you can trust. Our services have been in existence for a number of years during which the company has managed to build a positive reputation among students. The 24/7 nature of our services is designed to enhance the reliability of our services. This feature was establish to enable students to communicate with our 24/7 research papers’ writers at any time.

Authentic Services

One feature that makes our 24/7 research papers services unique is originality. Originality is a critical requirement in academic writing. This is why we have ensures that all papers produced through our 24/7 research papers services are written from scratch. Crafting the papers from scratch enhances the authenticity of the papers as it gives the writers an opportunity to synthesize information and make their own input into the paper. The papers are also scanned using efficient plagiarism detecting program to ensure that they do not contain any plagiarized content. Our 24/7 research papers services also guarantees delivery of services that meet the student’s expectations. This is because all our assignments are usually custom crafted, which gives the writers the chance to tailor-make the papers in line with the precise specification of the students. Now, there is no need to spend sleepless night worrying about your assignment, just place an order for our 24/7 research papers services. 

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Where to Get 24/7 Research Paper Writing

Where to Get 24/7 Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is an exercise that every student is supposed to write. This is never an easy task because it requires a lot of time in doing research. Research papers are normally written in a certain format and any student who does not understand how to write this assignment face a lot of problems. Some students are able to write their assignments, but they do not have enough time to conduct research. Research paper writing can result to stress among students and to avoid struggling with assignments students can ask our writing company to help them in completing their papers. Our 24/7 research papers writing company usually assists students in writing their assignments. We write academic papers for students in various levels of education. All the papers are usually written by writers who are professionals and they ensure that all the paper is written according to the instructions of the student. 24/7 research papers writing company has helped thousands of students in writing their papers from different countries. We usually make sure that the paper that the client will receive is original and follows all academic writing requirements.

Professional Writers

24/7 research papers company has employed expert writers who are knowledgeable and they have skills in different fields of education. When writing 24/7 research papers, the writers have to ensure that the instructions of the client are considered. The writers usually conduct a research using our up to date source of information. All our 24/7 research papers are usually written from scratch as we make sure that the client does not receive any plagiarized work. Before writing, the writers have to develop a draft of the paper which will be edited, and then the final paper is developed. Writing 24/7 research papers, is not an easy task, and it requires sufficient time; however, with the help of our professional writers there is no time limit that they cannot be able to meet. 24/7 research papers writers make sure that they complete the client’s paper using all the detailed procedure so that to ensure original and plagiarism free paper. The writers are experienced in writing 24/7 research papers and they understand all the different formatting styles used for formatting the paper. Therefore, clients should know that formatting is normally done perfectly according to their request. Our 24/7 research papers writers usually strive to meet the expectations of the clients, and they ensure that they work diligently so that to meet deadlines.

Excellent Services

Students who have been struggling to come up with a good research paper must now relax as we are the solution to their problems. With the help of our writers, we usually assist students in selecting appropriate topics for their papers that they can easily understand. Our 24/7 research papers writers also provide students with tips of how to write an excellent paper through the free samples of 24/7 research papers. All our papers are usually edited before they are submitted to the student in order to ensure that the paper was written according to the clients requirements and also to ensure that there are no grammar or language errors. Students who wish to place an order with us can do that through the help of our customer care team, and they will receive their 24/7 research papers on time. 

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Search No Further We Offer Research Papers 24/7

            We are the most reliable and the most trusted company that offers 24/7 research papers. Research paper writing has always been a challenge to the prepared and to the unprepared. Due to the various academic constraints writing any type of academic document has always proved to be a challenge. We at our company, offer you the best documents that will, guarantee you the best grades in your final certificate, diploma or degree award. For the best investigated documents 24/7, kindly request for our services we offer the best.

At our 24/7 research papers company, we have the best award winning professional document writers with unequalled experience in the whole globe. The staff at our company will offer you documents that are well examined, developed and written to suit your academic requirements. We have professionals who are writers, examiners, and editors who will make sure that your work is cut out to meet your individual needs. We write 24/7 research papers and, therefore, we guarantee you that you will get attended to at any time of the day. We give your research articles 24/7 attention to come out with a final product that will give you the best credit, and that should make you talk about us to your friends.

To place your orders of 24/7 research papers we have our committed, and customer friendly staff always waiting and very ready to receive your orders whenever you place them. Your order, upon receipt, is given to one of our professional writers who then does a thorough background check on your academic article specification. The content of your academic paper is developed keenly and to your instructions. At our company, we do investigate and write your 24/7 research papers, and we, therefore, offer you a guarantee on the amount of time that we will take to deliver to you your final document. You will deliver your academic documents in the time that your want it delivered. At our company we work on your 24/7 research papers and, therefore, your time frame is our time frame we make sure not to disappoint.

At our company quality is our objective. We understand your reason for choosing your documents to be done by professionals; therefore, we give your academic articles 24/7 attention. We develop and write your 24/7 research papers from scratch using the best and the most reliable content. Reference sources abound at our company and no lapses will be witnessed in writing your 24/7 research papers. We guarantee you the best articles that are completely free from any plagiarism. Your grades and your satisfaction is our concern and, therefore, no content that is used in your document should jeopardize your grade and your self esteem.

Look no further. Place your order now. Our teams of 24/7 research papers writers cover various fields and are well trained to offer your 24/7 research papers in any field. These professional writers will offer you the best 24/7 research papers at any level be it at school level, college level or at the university level. Whenever you place your order, and it’s received by us, consider your work done because our team of 24/7 research papers providers know exactly what you want and will deliver to you what you requested. 

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All -Time Research Papers Writing Company

             All -Time Research Papers Writing Company

Research paper writing is a duty that every student is expected to complete during their academic year. This is an activity that is never easy and can be more challenge to a student who does not have excellent writing skills. Students are supposed to make sure that they understand all the requirements that need to be considered when writing a paper. Writing a research paper requires the student to ensure that they have enough time of conducting the research so that to be able to write a worth paper. This is time consuming and a lot of effort is also needed. With the emergence of writing companies, students are now finding it easy to complete their assignments within the limited time. some writing companies are helping students with their academic work while others are not concerned with the success of the student, but only the financial benefit that result from the student. Therefore, students are advised to make sure that they get help from companies that are legitimate. Our 24/7 research papers writing company is legitimate, and we make sure that we provide our clients with best services. Our 24/7 research papers are usually written by writers who are professionals, and they ensure that the paper is original.

Professional Writers

24/7 research papers writing company is a world leading company in writing academic papers. This company has hired writers who are experienced and have sufficient knowledge in writing research papers. The writers are graduates from universities with degrees in different education fields. Our 24/7 research papers writers make sure that they write the papers according to the student’s instructions. 24/7 research papers are normally written after extensive research has been conducted. We have our own database where writers gather information from the different sources. 24/7 research papers company ensures originality when writing all academic papers. When the writers are writing the paper, they have to consult with the client in order to inform them about the progress of their paper. Clients can request for drafts of their paper whenever they want. 24/7 research papers writers are time conscious, and they ensure all assignments are completed within the agreed time. There are different formatting styles that are used in formatting the papers and our 24/7 research papers writers are knowledgeable about these styles. Therefore, they ensure that formatting is done accordingly in regards to the style that the client requested.

Quality Service

24/7 research papers company offers excellent services. We have clients from different nations, and we have been able to maintain most o our clients. 24/7 research papers normally provide clients with advice on how to write quality academic papers and we provide them with samples of papers that have been written by our professional writers. The high quality of work that we offer cannot be compared with any other work from another company. 24/7 research papers company ensures the privacy of our client’s information. The information that the client submit to us cannot be provided to any other person. All our services are affordable as we charge reasonable prices and clients are normally given the chance of selecting the writer that they would like to write their paper. Hiring our 24/7 research papers services is the best decision a student can make in ensuring their academic success. 

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Online 24/7 Research Papers Writing Company.

           Online 24/7 Research Papers Writing Company.

It is common to find students skipping classes or having to work late into the night so that they complete their most urgent assignments. Many students end up being stressed and overwhelmed on how they can manage to complete a huge workload of assignments on their table. Some are expected to submit their two to three tasking assignments on the same day and end up wondering how this is humanly possible. The solution to all these forms of academic challenges can be found at this 24/7 research papers service. We help those students who have to work on their part time and those having to balance their academic life with family commitments.

 Trusted Service

Send us all your tasking assignments today and avoid unnecessary stress. We provide 24/7 research papers to students in Masters Level, PhD, colleges and university. Regardless of their academic level, students are assured of affordable 24/7 research papers from this company. The affordable 24/7 research papers are written in the best formats which are recognized internationally such as Turabian/Chicago, Harvard, APA, MLA and Oxford writing style. Despite our affordable prices, we do not comprise with the quality of the 24/7 research papers. This is the site that provides 100% customized 24/7 research papers to suit the unique needs of clients. This is to give them the green light to purchase the premium quality 24/7 research papers from this company. Students are also advised not to submit these samples because they will be committing plagiarism. Unlike other online writing services, we have never sold the prewritten academic papers to our customers. We always respect the uniqueness and especial requirements of our clients. Therefore, be guaranteed of highly unique customized 24/7 research papers written from scratch.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The first step in getting in touch with our 24/7 research papers is to place your order. We then take the requirements and all other specifications to research the topic. The third step is writing, followed by editing, plagiarism checking and finally sending the completed 24/7 research papers back to the client. This is one of the few websites that provide a free plagiarism report attached to the completed paper. This enables a student’s gain confidence that the 24/7 research papers that he or she has submitted to the lecturer is 100% authentic. The affordability of our service is mainly due to the free revisions, plagiarism checking, and editing and proofreading and free cover pages. Students do not have to pay for these additional services because they all come together in ensuring that the completed 24/7 research papers is of top and premium quality. Be assured that we will not let you down at  any  cost.

Consult our service at any time you need be it during the day or night. We work all round the clock to ensure the student’s needs are met in a convenient way. Be assured that your privacy and confidentiality are our top priority at all costs. Not even the writers will gain access to your personal details. Their work is only to provide the best quality academic writing service to students. They are always available for revisions and any other queries related to the academic papers we provide. Be the first to call us today and place your order.

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Exclusive 24/7 Research Papers Writing Services

            The placement of an order with an organization requires they comp-late trust that the document will be provided to the client within the shortest time. Our organization can alleviate from different clients the nightmare, headache or challenges of writing the 24/7 research papers.  The 24/7 research papers are offered in our organization within the shortest time. The management ensures that the client receives personalized services that will equip him or her in the provision of the document within the shortest time. The management of the organization will ensure that individuals receive the highest quality services through the analysis of the possible issues that could be seen to be affecting the running of the management of the organization. The ordered document is offered top the client through the stipulated demands that the client will have stipulated in the ordered document that5 he has provided to the management. The esteemed ordered document writers are skilled and equipped in handling any type of writing. The ordered document edit is based on the track record of each writer who is providing the stipulated document. The ordered document will be offered to the client through the provision of the best ordered document. The ordered document is in APA, MLA or Harvard style of writing. The documents are provided to the client for the final approval. We offer free title pages and reference page.


            The placement of the ordered document order to the management will necessitate that the document is provided to the client within the highest regard for the management of the organization. The originality of the document is demanded by the organization on all the 24/7 research papers. The editorial; team will analyze the requirements of the 24/7 research papers and later work on it to ensure the provision of the best 24/7 research papers. The writers use the relevant scholarly articles which are provided to the management for the next steps in editing. The completion of the 24/7 research papers will require that the 24/7 research papers are passed through special software’s. The software removes all the grammatical and plagiarism errors. The 24/7 research papers will be cleaned and removed all the errors. The 24/7 research papers will be submitted to the management for the final analysis. The 24/7 research papers will later be submitted to the client with regard to the requirements that the paper will require.

Customer Satisfaction

            Our management is governed by the policy of satisfying our customers’ requirements. This means that the ordered document is provided to the client within the shortest time. Our management offers personalized services. The lien can enquire of the ordered document at the time that he or she will require the ordered document. The placement of the ordered document will require the client to provide contact details and order details. These details will be safeguarded from any form of interference by third parties.

Quality Assurance

            The management ensures that the ordered document is written to ensure originality of all the documents requirements. The management works all the time to provide the orders. This ensures that the documents are worked on at the time of ordering. The management offers the cheapest 24/7 research papers for all clients. The management will ensure that there is no hidden charge for the specific individual. These are the million reasons why one should choose our organization.

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Top 24/7 Research Papers Writing Company

Top 24/7 Research Papers Writing Company

24/7 research papers are required within a tight deadline. Such assignments must be written within the stipulated timeline in order to avert potential penalties. A scholar might struggle to find a reliable website for the framework of 24/7 research papers. The chosen website must be associated with the most tremendous platforms of reliability. Additionally, the chosen company must be associated with the best writers for 24/7 research papers. We are an acceptable organization that sells incredible assignments at the best rates. We have sufficient 24/7 research papers for all scholars.

Excellent Strategy

This organization has an incredible strategy for selling different assignments. This strategy is pertinent in that it caters for a brilliant framework for division of labor. The framework for division of labor is also essential because it enhances the company’s blueprint for 24/7 research papers. The assignment must be provided in the required timeline. We can sell the different 24/7 research papers at the best prices. This company is equipped with the most spectacular blueprint for technology.

This blueprint is pertinent because it is incorporated into the framework for prices. In view of such an attribute, the different 24/7 research papers are highly affordable. A student must not spend a lot of resources on 24/7 research papers. This attribute is considered within the operational blueprint of the entire organization. We can also provide the relevant materials required within the framework of writing 24/7 research papers. These materials are useful because they enhance the blueprint for authenticity. The materials for quality documents are also based on primary articles.

International Standards

Magnificent international standards are employed by this organization in the different 24/7 research papers. The integration of quality language is massively crucial in boosting the framework of international standards. The organization is compliant with the relevant platforms of international audit. The company’s systems for 24/7 research papers are audited every month. This ensures that the different shortcomings are addressed at an early stage. We have hired competent employees in the framework of 24/7 research papers. They are highly proficient in numerous languages used in international platforms. This is essential in terms of using the best frameworks for grammar in each assignment. We can deliver an outstanding document in less than one day. The speed of delivery is inherently associated with the company’s blueprint for deadlines. Additionally, this organization has the best facilities for timeliness.


The organization has acquired the best platforms for competence. This is vital in that it ensures that quality assignments are sold to all scholars. The human resource manager is competent in training new writers. The standards of competence in this organization are also exemplified by the magnificent standard of professionalism. We also sell an authentic assignment at the best price. It is fundamentally pertinent to emphasize that the most acceptable platforms of writing are used in this organization. This is because of the excellent level of competence in the different writing styles. The APA framework is one of the commonest platforms for writing an academic essay. It is massively essential to use the APA platform in writing different assignments on 24/7 research papers. This style is inherently associated with an incredible degree of professionalism. Additionally, this blueprint is vital because it helps in preventing plagiarism. Different students are satisfied with the framework of 24/7 research papers in this entity. 

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24/7 Research Papers Sold Cheap

24/7 Research Papers Sold Cheap

            Students struggling with their research papers have a one-stop solution with us. Writing a research paper is one of the most difficult parts of graduate and post graduate students.  It is difficult because of expectations of lecturers and professors from students. Lecturers and professors expect students to portray a graduate level of competency in terms of technical writing skills, ability to conduct research and mastery of concepts, theories and principles of a specific unit or course.  First-time writers of research papers encounter massive challenges in sourcing credible sources, organizing ideas in the literature review, writing research methodologies and analyzing results.  Premium research paper, dissertation or thesis requires multi-skills and experience, which can only be found in experienced and professional writers.

We offer 24/7 research papers writing services to assist thousands of students achieve their academic dreams.  Our 24/7 research papers services are based on quality, originality, legitimacy, low prices and timely delivery.  

Original 24/7 Research Papers

            One of the most crucial elements of any academic paper is its originality. Students are penalized heavily for submitting plagiarized papers.  The key to avoid plagiarism is the experience in giving the correct credit to the original author of any material used in a research.  This is achieved through correct in-text citation and correct referencing.  Our expert writers have mastered writing in-text citation and referencing using all internationally recognized writing styles. So, you can buy 24/7 research papers written in perfect APA format, Harvard, MLA, Chicago or Turabian.   The company offer 24/7 research papers writing services that are unique to the individual needs. Clients get the chance to give their instructions and rubric which they want the writer to follow.  Writers stick to these instructions while offering improvement on areas that need improvement.  Do not hesitate to source our 24/7 research papers services because we guarantee you 100% non-plagiarized papers.

Quality 24/7 Research Papers

            The second most important quality of a research paper is quality in terms of content and structure.  Lecturers will always assess how you have organized your ideas. Are they making any chronological sense? Do they have the right content? Have you addressed your topic comprehensively? Does your research portray expertise? Our 24/7 research papers writing services are based on quality of the final paper. The company has established stringent measures to ensure papers bought by our clients are of exemplary quality.  The company first ensures that only the best writers are hired. The company ensures the writers undergo the necessary training to make them world class writers.  The company guarantees clients 24/7 research papers that are perfect and void of errors.  

Low Price 24/7 Research Papers

            The company ensures clients get value for their dollars. Balancing quality with price is our foremost priority. We ensure papers are written within international standards while the prices are reflective of the economic status of our clients.  Every day the company has unique discount for first and returning clients.  


            The third most important aspect of research papers and all academic papers are the timely submission of the last paper.  Most students have challenges completing their theses, research, term papers and other academic assignments on time.  We offer 24/7 research papers writing services within the shortest time possible. Our dedication is to ensure students are never penalized for submitting their papers late. 


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Statement of the Problem 

The use of technology of any kind from the simplest to the most complicated has had an effective change in the way we learn and teach. Technologies have offered new ways of providing students with direct experience in the curriculum in the classroom. This paper aims at examining the way technology can create effective teaching in the classroom. Technology has positive impacts when used by students as it helps them in being creative and it also develops a good learning environment. Many teachers have adapted using technology in teaching in a classroom which has resulted to positive results. The main focus will be studying how technology can impact teaching in a classroom. Students enjoy when they technology is integrated in their education system. Therefore, the paper will concentrate on how technology can be used so that to create a more effective teaching in a classroom. The paper will focus on the impact that technology has on students where students will be involved on describing how they think technology has been effective in their learning.

Research Question 

The research question is how technology can create effective teaching in the classroom?

The nature of the use of technology in schools has helped as schools are able to transform into modern, responsive, and effective institutions which the society need. When planning on creating a more effective teaching in a classroom, applying technology in the classroom is considered as an effective tool because it makes the learner become more interested about the subject of study as it provides the opportunity of learning in a nontraditional way and it also decreases the learning time. Therefore, technology is an effective method of transforming the way of teaching students because through transforming the process it tends to also transform the outcome. Technology has been claimed to being an effective method for providing students with teaching in the classroom.

Literature Review 

Technology can be considered as a reciprocal of relationship with teaching. Teachers have found new ways of incorporating technology in their classroom, which has helped in achieving strong lessons. Technology is considered as an effective tool for teaching students, which help teachers in presenting materials, which is being learned (Muir-Herzig, 2004). The high tech educational tools, which include interactive softwares and computers, offer a lot of advantages in lesson planning, lesson presentation, record keeping, assessment, and classroom management. According to Muir-Herzig (2004), state that technology is a good tool for supplementing classroom teaching, and it helps students to learn a lot.

Teachers are usually driven to using technology as a tool for teaching in the classroom so that to help the students in learning more. Muir-Herzig (2004), state that technology is an effective tool for making students stay motivated, and it makes the students be engaged in learning more deeply. According to Muir-Herzig (2004), he said that instructional technologies usually provoke interest, and it stimulate learning which tend to encourage students to study helping the students to connect the information that has been gained with the old knowledge. This is also a tool that helps the students to associate the lesson subjects with the real life experiences of students allowing students to reach and evaluate the information which is necessary. Doing this, will make it possible to meet society’s expectations, which tend to help the students to describe the world in a manner that they deserve. Students are also assisted to summarize the information so that to facilitate comprehension and increase individual learning.

In a study conducted by Judson, (2006) about the impact of instructional activities in classroom found out that instructional activities usually remind the students about the school and mostly that class environment. Therefore using instructional technologies in the classroom is essential. He also states that the dynamics of the classroom need to take into consideration the use of the technologies. The multimedia applications in the classroom based on technology include student-student, student-teacher, student-environment, and student-content interaction in the process of learning. In the framework of this interaction, it helps in increasing the student-content interaction; thus, the in depth and meaningful learning potential.

The use of multimedia and theatrical presentation techniques help in increasing the student-teacher interaction. According to a study by Watson (2006), found out that, in order to have an effective technology integration in the classroom, teachers are requires to change their teaching strategies and move to from the teacher centered activities to the activities that are centered on the learner. Teachers are supposed to become collaborators and facilitators and instructions is supposed to move from memorization to problem solving. In order for technology to create an effective teaching classroom, the teacher is supposed to drop the expert role and be able to become a facilitator to the students by setting an appropriate environment and designing the curriculum activities which reinforce the key concepts on and off the computer.

On a study conducted by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the role that technology play in supporting a high teaching quality in the US found out that technology help the teachers in improving their instruction and also found out that teachers are usually open in using technology more often. The study found out that for the teaching to be effective and used to improving and innovate the classroom experience, the technology tools need to respond to the reality of student-teacher experience instead of demanding that teachers and students to adapt to the requirements of a certain technology. According to the findings of this research, it indicates that the school leadership and usually a supportive and visionary principal can have a positive impact on how technology will be used by teachers, individuals, and the entire school.

 When performing the study, it was determined that teaching is the most essential school based factor to the success of the student. Therefore, teachers require more support in getting better response on how the students are performing and personalizing the learning of the student. Technology is considered as one tool that plays an essential role in helping the teachers on both fronts. The study by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found out that technology has revolutionalized the way people live, the means of conducting business, communicating, and also the education system.

A study by Dindar, Eristi, & Kurt, (2012) on the teacher’s views about effective impact of technology impact of technology on student engagement indicated that the use of technology in the classrooms has provided learning opportunities, which can enhance the student learning and engagement. The study focused on the use of SMART Board in engaging students and found out that it enhance the student engagement in lessons that already engaging. The results of the study found out that students did demonstrate above average levels in the overall engagement, in science and maths lessons. Technology has been able to make teaching more effective and convenient. In subjects like language, CDs have made teaching be easier and convenient than using cassette tapes.

Teaching has been made more effective because the teachers have no need to worry about rewinding and cueing up a tape; therefore, they can concentrate on the actual teaching instead. Technology has also been able to make classes reflect the world around us. Dindar, Eristi, & Kurt, (2012) conducted a study on how technology has benefited the students and found out that, in the modern society, technology has been an integral part in everyday life, and the students are the ones who have benefited from it a lot. People have been able to use the internet in searching for sources rather than going to the library. Teachers and students should be able to learn on using the search engine effectively and quickly.

Through using softwares such as Google Docs to collaborate on projects tend to reflect the way more people are working and interacting, which also helps in putting abstracts academic concepts in a context of real life. Technology is a tool that is there to stay and in order for students to benefit from it, teachers should invest more time in learning how to use it creatively and harness it to help students.

According to a research report by Cox, et al (2006), indicates that a connection do exist between teachers with constructivists instruction styles and their use of technology in classrooms. The study suggests that constructivist teachers are likely to use technology in classrooms and integrate technology in the lessons than the teachers who follow other learning philosophies. Therefore, the relationship between constructivists teaching strategies and technology use suggest that teachers who are constructivist minded advocate the use of technology as a worthwhile learning tool in a student centered classrooms.

According to this research, it suggests that, in order to have an effective teaching classroom, it is necessary to combine constructivist learning theory and using technology so that to produce the best applications of technology tools in facilitating the course design. When technology is used with constructivist learning theory, technology changes every aspect of instruction from a course design to the method of delivery and evaluation (Cox, et al (2006). Teachers who are constructivists usually advocate for students to using technology in building their own understanding of information through incorporating experiences in the learning situations that are project based.

The conclusion of this study indicated that when the teachers blend technology in situations of constructivist learning, it tend to impact the achievement of the students in a positive manner. Therefore, it is suggested that in order for technology use in a classroom to be effective, teachers are supposed to implement it in conjunction with the necessary teaching theory. Through integrating technology in the constructivist approach, the teachers easily involve the students in learning activities. It is possible for teachers to create instructions which accommodate different learning styles and levels. Teachers should be able to use technology as it is helping them in designing their instructions in a manner that supports their theoretical approach.


When studying about the way technology can be used in creating effective teaching in a classroom, it is necessary to understand its impact through using a sample of the people who it impacts. Therefore, the sample that will be used in collecting data will include the students in different classes. The action research will include ten students and four teachers. This is a sample that balances the gender of the participants as there will be five male students and five female students and also two male teachers and two female teachers who will be irresponsible of conducting the study. During the study, random sampling is the methods that will be used, and this will include both whites and African Americans.

These are the students who will be interviewed about their attitude towards the use of technology in a classroom and how it has motivated them to learn more. In order to gain access to other classes that I have not taught, I have to seek assent of other teachers. The teachers who will participate in the study must have implemented the use of technology in the class in order to interview them on how they consider technology use in the classroom as having created effective teaching. The day that this study will be performed will be on Friday evening at the end of the classes so that not to inconvenience other students as every student will be done with their lessons.

Data Collection Methods 

Before starting the study, I will have to first receive consent for participation from all the students who will be interviewed. There will be an interview that will be conducted on the ten participants and in depth data will be collected through face to face interview in a classroom environment where the students will reveal how they think technology has motivated their learning. Before the interview is conducted, the participants will be requested for permission for their interviews to be recorded. During the interview, suggestions will be provided on what the students think of how technology creates effective teaching in a classroom. The survey that will be used will also include hardcopies where the students will be provided with questionnaires by their teachers which they will answer questions that are indicated in the papers.

This will be an open ended interview where students are not restricted on how to answer the question. This is an activity that is estimated to take only take half an hour and face to face interview will only take one hour. The questions in the questionnaires will be used in evaluating the perception of the students in using technology in classrooms. The video recording and the questionnaires will be collected after the interviews have been finished so that to have an in depth analysis and be able to find out how technology has been used by teachers in creating an effective teaching in the classrooms and how the students find technology as an effective learning tool.

 Action Plan 

Technology can be used in creating more effective teaching in a classroom. For effective teaching, the teachers are supposed to ensure that the technology use should be integral to the curriculum and pedagogy. It is necessary for teachers to consider all the education decisions. They should develop assessment which incorporates technology as a significant component of the process of learning. Once the results of the study are out, I will be able to adjust class scheduling whenever I find necessary so that the students can follow the necessary schedule and be able to see more positive impacts of using technology in teaching. In doing this study, I will have to consider the learning environment so that to determine what should be adjusted which might include the distribution of computers or any other type of technology around the classroom.

In order to understand how effective technology is, it is essential for me as a teacher to develop and implement steps that will measure the effectiveness of the integration of technology. I will ensure that I identify measurable indicators of success. This means identifying whether integrating technology is improving the performance of the students. Some of the indicators may include the test scores, the student engagement, and student motivation. After identifying the indicators, I will develop a baseline in which I will measure the changes through documenting the indicators before the technology is integrated in learning and teaching. Doing this, will make it possible for me to determine the way technology is positively impacting teaching and how it can be changed so that to improve its impact.

It is also my intention to develop a good understanding and skill in the use of technology effectively in aiding the student learning and also supporting my professional role. Each element of my action plan will be implemented. I also intend to make use of the educational videos so that to reinforce the learning of certain topics, which students have stated in the study to be difficult. Using videos will help and also target the students who in most times find it difficult for them to contemplate in the classroom. I also plan on using the school computer suites so that the students can be able to perform group research based projects. This is an act that will enable students to discover some of the different uses of the subjects in the real world and also assist in stimulating their interest in a particular subject.

This is a plan that will afford students the chance of working with others and developing real life thinking and skills for solving problems. Another strategy for ensuring effective use of technology in teaching is by recording the reports and results using Microsoft office in order for important people data to be accessed with accuracy and greater speed and so that to share the information easily with the parents and also colleagues. The data that are stored in Microsoft Office can be displayed as graphs so that to highlight the key trends and aid with teacher-parent consultation and writing. I also intend to ensure that all students are provided with training so that they understand how to use the computer and the search engines and also the different software so that all students can gain from using the technology in the classroom. This will assist as I will be posting valuable, information in the website as a way of communicating and every student can quickly and easily access the information online.


Fields, S. Cox, E & Rakes, C, (2006). The influence of teachers’ technology use on instructional practices Journal of Research on Technology in Education, (38)4, 409-424.

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Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Mathematic lesson plan

Topic: Object graphs

Grade: 1st Grade

Standard: students will identify, investigate and describe the different forms of data collection around them. This includes daily temperature recording, favorite ice scream, attendance and lunch count. Data recording will be through picture graphs, use of tables and object graphs.

Common core state standards for mathematics require students to make sense of problem solving and be patient in solving them. The students will explain the correspondence between verbal descriptions, equations, search for trends and regularities, draw diagrams, graphs and tables, give verbal descriptions, search regularity and trend and search for graph data. The grade one students will rely on concrete pictures and objects to help them conceptualize on the abstract ideas and solve problems (Common core state initiative 2007).

Objective: students will utilize a manipulative that the teacher has proven so as to place three among the four t-shirts that are colored accurately on a graph by using data from the smart board.

Equipment and /Materials

Sticker graph bag, beans filled manipulative bag, colored pipe cleaners, Lorren Leedy Great Graph Contest, Smart Board, color t-shirts, dry noodles, gummy Bear Graph bag, t-shirts graphs, cutout t-shirt, stars, skittles and sticker Graph Bag.

Literature materials:

Leedy L (2005) the Great Graph Contest. First Edition U.S Holiday House

Loreen Leedy; the great graphing contest

Lesson Procedures

Pre lesson assessment: I will have pictures of various types of graphs on the board. I will then ask students if they can identify the graphs and access what they have in common on their knowledge concerning the graphs. Set: students will have a pipe cleaner as they walk into the classroom. These pipe cleaners are of different colors such as red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, brown, black, grey, and orange. The students desks in the classroom will be arrange in clusters of four groups. The four groups will be given a bucket that will be shared equally among the group members. The container will have all the necessary materials and equipments for this math lesson. This will also help to trigger the student’s interest and boosts their imagination, therefore, enhancing their attention in the whole week instruction.

Lesson 1

Modeling /Teacher instruction

The lesson begins with the instruction portion that consist of the reading Loreen Leedy‘s The Great Graph Contest. I will read this book aloud and give students an opportunity to think aloud. The guidelines form the book will help to model their thinking as we go along in making a graph. The book begins with making of the graph by Gonk in which friend can dislike or like mud. The answers provided are taken down by use of mud to mark as either no or yes. After I have read this part of the book, I will inform students that the graph is for the purpose of discovering new things that around their world. I will inform students that by asking different questions, students will be able to collect data and graph the data to help us in understanding the answers from the questions that we ask. The books continuous to narrate the story of Beezy and Gonk competing to determine who of them will create the best graph. As we continue to read the book, one gets to know how these two characters managed to sort and graph by use of differencing things such as animal feet, rocks and their friends who live in nature. The book on this first lesson will prepare the class by showing them graphs are for representing any data that they have collected and have sported them.

Lesson 2: Formative assessment and guided student practice

On this second day, the lesson is more of a guided practice that will involve a wide range of manipulative because the best way for understanding graphs and graphing is by practically working with the graphs. Therefore, students on this second level will be expected to undertake a wide range of activities involving graphs. My expectation at the end of the practice is that the students will have created at least five types of graphs. They will get all the resources and materials for making graphs in the bucket placed on their groups. Laminated graphs will be provided for each graphing activity and students will exchange the laminated graphs among them so that each group will have managed to make all the expected types of graphs.

Due to the fact that there are five types of graphing manipulative, there will be five desks placed in each group in which every student will complete the graphing manipulative and pass it to another student after finishing. Students are expected to gain access to most of this manipulative s or even all the five of them. Students will first be expected to work as a group before going to work on their own with the graphing manipulative. This will help the whole class know and have an idea on the activities. Also, students will be required to pull out their pipe cleaner placed on their desks that they entered with in the classroom. I will call out the different colors of these pipe cleaners, in which students with the called color will raise their hands.

Data on those who have raised their hands will be written on classroom board for all students to see. Students will then use the collected data to make graphs. The title of these graphs will be “Pipe Cleaner colors” and will be made very simple. On the vertical side of the graphs, they will have the label, Pipe Cleaners amount while the horizontal section will have the label, “Pipe Cleaner Color”. I will explain to students more concerning the information entered on the graph and give a reason as to why each and every amount of data are placed in that region and why this information is placed in this place. That is the points on the Horizontal and vertical axis. I will then give students fifteen minutes to ask questions on the lessons activity (Utah lesson plan 2007).

Lesson 3:

Students will work in groups as they deal with the five manipulative. Each manipulative is placed on the bucket. Students will work in the five manipulative discussed below. Meanwhile, my work will be walking around from one group to another as I answer the different questions that students have concerned the exercise. Students will be allowed to discuss among themselves, but talk in a low tone and call m whenever they need assistance concerning the task at hand.

Star Graph:

For this graphing manipulative exercise, students will use a bag filled with colored stars. The bag continues a wide range of colored starts with a circle graph. Students are expected to color a circle graph based on the stars colors in their bag. 12 slices are in the circle graph with each slice having a star. Students will sort the stars, then color the star found on the circle graph to act as a representation of each star as per their similar color.

Noodle Graph

Students in the graphing manipulative will make use colored noodles provided in a bag. These noodles are colored red, yellow and green. Students will note down the colors they have and record them. Based on this information, they are expected to graph it on to a laminated graph that is given with the bag filled with colored noodles.

Gummy Bear Graph

For this manipulative, students are expected to guess the number of gummy bear colors in the bag. Students will graph gummy bears to help them find an answer to their guess that they had earlier made. This will enable students have an example on how graphs can be used to tell us or answer something about the world that we are not aware of them.

Skittles Graph

Skittles will be provided to students that have five different colors and placed in a bag. Students will sort these skittles according to their colors and record data based on the number of skittles having the same colors. The data will be used to graph based on the total number of skittles in the bag. The graph is drawn as a five column graph.

Sticker graph and Die

This last manipulative graphing is made these young aged students who are kinetic learners. Students will be required to role a die sevens each. The number shown when the die lands on a given sticker is recorded. Each of these stickers has a label marked, basketball, snake, dog, ladybug, line, car and smile. The sticker’s sheets are also labeled in the same way. On the correct sheet, students will pick stickers similar to those of the sheets and place them on the provided graph. when a student’s finishes rolling the die seven times, the group will evaluate to find out which sticker had the highest number of rolling and circle the name of the stickers (Leedy 2005).

Lesson 4 Formative assessment / Independent Practice

I will write on the board data that will be used by students to graph their graphs individually. I will also provide students with a scenario by reading to them aloud. Students will be required to graph the number of colored t-shirts that the color for these t-shirts. The scenario is as follows; Mary went for a shopping spree and bought 20 new t-shirts. You are asked to help Mary sort these twenty t-shirts that she bought so that she knows the number of t-shirts with the same colors is available. Use the drawn picture as your data graph to sort the t-shirts according to their colors. This means that students will record in tally form the number of each color of these bought t-shirts before they proceed to graphing.

Color of T-shirts







































Based on the above information, I will inform students on the importance of graphing and ensure that they understand the reason why graphing helps to sort and organize answers of every question asked. I will allow some students to share their graphs among them based on data from the colors of t-shirts bought that they have done individually. We will discuss their graphs and ensure that every student understands how to make graphs by using data and properly representing the data on graphs (Steedy, Dragoo, Arefeh, & Luke 2008).

Summative assessment

Throughout these lessons for the week, I will carry out the evaluations to access their understanding. When students undertake their guided practices, I will be evaluating them and also during their independent classroom practices. During the independent class activity, I will ensure that I observe the performance of every student understood the content for this graphing lesson. The students who will be competent in this mathematics lessons will manage to correctly graph three from the four t-shirt colors (LD online 2012).

Diversity in classroom

Multiple intelligences / Modalities among other learning styles: those students who learn best through visual will greatly benefit from this mathematics lesson. They will also be supported through reading the book aloud. The visual learners will learn by seeing the way different types of graphs look like and will learn from the lessons and demonstration given on the book on how to make graphs representing different types of data. In every five graphing manipulative, there will be a task card that informs students on the next step of the activity that they should do and the coherence for order of how each of these steps have to be done.

Auditory learners There are other students who learn through auditory means as their best way of learning. This group of students will also benefit from this class because I will read aloud the literature book for this lesson’s instruction. I will encourage students to generate fun stories among themselves concerning what they have learned because, through these stories, they will easily the way of making graphs and also the importance of these graphs. The instructions on the activities to be done for every lesson will be provided verbally by talking to them concerning how every step has to be done. The same instructions will also be written on paper so that students will always refer to these instructions to ensure that they are always on the required task.

For Kinetic learners, they will to benefit from the story I read to them such as scenarios on graphing. Their participation in the classroom task such as the pipe cleaner activity will also give these students the best opportunity to learn. The five manipulative will be beneficial tools for all the kinetic learners since they are expected to move around in the class and work in practical activities using their hands in drawing the graphs as they learn. For the gifted children, I will consider their needs to ensure that they too excel in the graphing lesson like other mathematical lessons. They have many ways to be challenged to use and make a graph involving high order thinking. For those who have multiple gifts, I will have to form the sixth group so that I give these students a chance to generate their own questions and answer them through making graphs.

LD, ED, ADD ; the lessons activities are mainly hands on and enable students to move from place to another as they learn in an adequate space of their own. The resources are available tfor these students with learning disabilities.

LEP: The manipulative lessons make use of pictures and fewer words are used. A student learning English as a second language will manage to undertake the activity just like other students who have understood and are fluent in English language. The book for this graphing lesson is also full of pictures and has minimal words. The pictures will help me to explain to theses students whom English is their second language and enable them to understand easily. Multicultural connections ; the lesson is made to be closely tied to multicultural issues by ensuring that it does not matter where a student is in. He or she can graph because graphing is a topic that can be understood by every person.

Teaching Competencies

As a teacher, I should have processional/ general knowledge, content knowledge, resources and technology, understand the curriculum through extensive research, acknowledge diversity and provide assessment based on students unique needs.


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