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Saturday, 10 May 2014 22:11

Research Critique

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Research Critique

Article:  Friman, A. & Ebbeskog, B. (2010). Wound care in primary healthcare: district nurses’ needs for co-operation and well-functioning organization. Journal of inter-professional care. Vol. 24(1): 90-99


Wound management is an essential exercise in patient care. The care that a patient is given with regard to wound care determines how soon he recovers and is discharged from the healthcare facility. The descriptive quantitative research below analyzes nurse’s role in wound management with regard to wound appearance, cooperation with other healthcare professionals and overall wound treatment. This paper critically analyzes a quantitative research study by Friman and Ebbeskog on wound care in primary health care.

Protection of human Participant

Participants for the above study were selected using the random sampling method so as to minimize the manipulation of participants and data. The selected healthcare facilities had to have district and assistance nurses. Additionally, the facility had to have an outpatient clinic and home care operations. It appears that the subjects participated voluntarily in the study as selected nurses were informed in writing and verbally of the purpose of the study (Friman, & Ebbeskog, 2010). Participants were also assured of their anonymity in the study and the information they provided would be treated as confidential. The research study was approved by the Ethics Research committee at   Karolinska Institute.

Data Collection

            There are two variable in the study. The dependent variable is the district nurse whereas the independent variable is the various wound types that patients present at the healthcare facility. Data for the study was collected through two main methods: the wound registration form and the questionnaire that subjects answered. These two methods of data collection were found to be ideal as they allowed the researcher to specifically address the issue of wound management. Using these two methods of data collection, the researcher could easily modify the questions to suit the findings he expects to get. In this research, for instance, the researcher made adjustments with regard to defining the wound appearance and included questions related to cooperation with other healthcare professionals (Friman, & Ebbeskog, 2010). Approximately one week was used to gather data from participants because questionnaires were answered on one occasion, whereas the wound registration took a week to complete i.e. Monday through Friday.

Data Management and Analysis

Quantitative data from the wound registration form and questionnaires were computerized and processed using Excel, 2002. Dichotomous answers were analyzed separately while questions on rating scales were compiled and grouped in five-graded scales. Numbers and percentages were used to show results descriptively. Qualitative data collected from the data given by respondents were analyzed using theme analysis. The theme analysis methods required that data was transcribed from the questionnaire verbatim, read and categorized based on the data received. The results from the theme analysis were presented as excerpt statements under each response given by the respondent.


Findings and Interpretation

The findings of the study revealed that district nurses perceived wound management as within their domain. However, most nurses appreciated the need for contact with the general practitioner so as to make referrals where necessary. The study revealed that a majority of nurses treated wounds without making proper medical diagnosis. Healthcare facilities lack officially defined responsibility for their professionals with regard to wound management. This means that there is a tendency for the task of wound management to be left entirely to the district nurses.

The findings are an actual revelation of the disconnect that exists among healthcare professionals during wound care management. Nurses are left with the task of solely taking care of patient’s wounds even in situation where a physician’s opinion is required. There is an increased risk of wound infections and long periods of wound recovery with ineffective wound management measures. Factors such as lack of co-operation among healthcare professionals causes undue suffering to patients with wounds as their ability to acquire quality services is not guaranteed.

The main limitation of the study is that the viability of the two data collection methods was only tested and confirmed by two district nurses. There was a need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the viability of the study and ascertain that the data collection methods were reliable. Overall, there was a coherent logic to the presentation of findings with results revealing the need for well-defined wound care guidelines at healthcare facilities. The results further reveal the need for nurses to undergo advanced training with regard to diagnosing and taking care of wounds (Friman, & Ebbeskog, 2010). Further, the findings reveal the need for healthcare professionals to cooperate and work together so as to provide patients with optimal wound care management. These findings of the study provide practical guidelines that healthcare facilities can adopt so as to improve patient care. Patients arrive at healthcare facilities expecting quality care. It is the responsibility of healthcare facilities to ensure that they have professionals that can work together to provide optimal patient care.

The article concludes by indicating the need for intensive research on the specific kinds of support and training needed by district nurses so as to advance their skills in wound care.

Friday, 09 May 2014 20:04

Essays Analysis

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Essays Analysis

Introduction: Moral Arguments by Daniel Bonevac

Bonevac book on moral arguments is about moral issues. It offers philosophical definition of moral issues and stating that philosophy is all about love for wisdom and making good judgments. Moral ethics or philosophy involves making good judgment about an action or character and a kind of person to be and what to do. The book considers moral issues like euthanasia, abortion, pornography, affirmative action, and capital punishment among others that form up the controversial issues in everyday life (Bonevac, 60).

The book mainly presents moral arguments under which these moral issues are considered based on a given conclusion or position arrived at through reasoning. Therefore, as people consider morally issues, the main aspect that they need to ask themselves is how they develop arguments to reach ethical conclusions.


Bonevac argues that there is no single reason to expect that Rawl’s process will result in equilibrium, not even a unique one(Bonevac, 60). This is because of the way path dependence considerations do impact on the outcome of moral debarkation.

Main claim

He argues that moral judgments and arguments are not in equilibrium since a rationally optional way does suggest that for one to resolve a challenge conflicts will arise(Bonevac, 60). This suggests that there are possibly multiple ways of achieving coherence, and this will result to radically different aspects of judgments (Bonevac, 60). Unknown vocabulary includes moral generalization and relativity.Discussion questions are how much of moral disagreements would still exist if we have comprehensive knowledge for all the relevant non-moral aspects?

Moral realism are parallel to the realism of other domains. Why is morality different? Reference

First principles by Bonevac Daniel

In this essay, Bonevac presents the various concerns of moral judgments especially on the gradation of people or actions as being good or bad. He shows that moral considerations do have many dimensions. He also says that disagreements among people do occur due to moral judgments, and each one tries to justify his or her views. In doing so, they develop arguments, which are part of their moral principles(Bonevac, 69).

Moral conclusions do have both the moral and factual premises. The first premise is factual since it describes the way the world is while the second premises is a moral since it does not describe the way the world is. Instead, it provides a general type of action.


Bonevac argues that the decision procedure of reaching a Reflective equilibrium fails to attain the final state of equilibrium in instances where beliefs are justified.

Main claim

Bonevac argues that judgments at an equilibrium point are not immune to be revised and remain stable unless when additional experiences change them. Based on his model, it is possible to hold principles and judgments as those proposed by Rawls. However, they are unruly principles that allow fallibility and exceptions (Bonevac, 60). Therefore, one will always seek a normative justification at a point when he is faced by the plurality of two competing principles(Bonevac, 67).

Unknown terminologies are pragmatic intuition and prima facie obligations.


Why should we bother with reflective equilibrium?

What is the moral justification?


Bonevac, D 2004. Reflection without Equilibrium. Journal of Philosophy 101 (7):

59-65 and 67-73

Friday, 09 May 2014 19:21

Application Paper

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Application Paper

The Distribution of Power within the Political Community: Class, Status, and Party


In this chapter, Max Weber zeros in on the different perspectives of power in the society especially in political circles. While some people pursue power because of the sheer value it has, others perceive power as a platform for attaining honor in the society. According to Max Weber, “some people in the society connect power to honor”. (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010) In essence, this means that powerful people are considered in a unique way compared to other individuals. This is why some people crave immensely for power especially in the political community. Apart from social honor, Max Weber evaluates power from the perceptive of personal interest. This is because some people perceive power as an effective base for them to pursue personal ambitions. These ambitions and motives are diverse and might hence differ from one person to another.

For instance, some people view power as an indicator of social status. In essence, these people strongly believe that power provides them with an advantageous echelon of status in the community. On the other hand, some individuals associate power with a certain class. In essence, a powerful person in considered as a member of a given cliché or social class. According to Max Weber, this is an aspect that has “motivated a lot of people towards pursuing power” (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010).


Economic wellbeing is another major platform that has been underlined by Max Weber as a crucial element of power. This is strongly concerned with the financial wellbeing of an individual. In view of Max Weber’s viewpoints, some people will sacrifice many things in order to attain economic power. For instance, an individual might even disown his or her community in order to acquire economic power.

Economic power is a notable attribute that characterizes most wealthy people across the globe. They aim to build their “financial muscle with the aim of being considered as powerful” (Ritzer, 2009). It is essential to underline that the author seeks to distinguish between class and group. Based on his viewpoints, members of a certain class are not necessarily drawn from the same group. Similarly, members of a group are not always drawn from the same class. In view of such aspects, class and group should not be used interchangeably. This is why an individual might be of a certain class but a different group. This is an aspect that has had immense influence in power. In view of these aspects, the motives of power are notably distinct among different people.

While some people want power in order to be influential in the society, others consider power as a means of attaining personal goals. This provides an excellent platform for explaining why people have diverse motives for power. These motives are also extremely influential in the manner in which people in power relate to others. Power in political community is among the most outstanding current issues. For instance, power has been massively influential towards how resources in the society are shared or distributed. In such instances, most resources are distributed in a way that benefits the powerful people. This technique of sharing resources is notable in the third world. In such countries, resources are shared among the few powerful people. This creates an element of disadvantage for the majority in the entire society. In contrast, the platforms used in sharing “resources in the developed nations are different” (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010)

High levels of equality are notable in such places. However, this does not necessarily imply that the powerful people do not influence the mechanisms of resource distribution in order to fulfill personal targets. In the entire chapter, Max Weber also notes that there are different goals for power. One’s goal for the attainment of power is not necessarily similar to another person’s goals. However, the goal for power is strongly associated with the motive. These perspectives are massively crucial in the evaluation of the current issue of power in the political community.


The background of his current issue can be evaluated based of different perspectives and platforms. The first framework encompasses the theory of irrationality. Based pn the stipulations outlined for this theory, there is no common pattern or unique identifier in how people behave. In essence, this aspect underlines that there are no common motives for the actions or behavior of people. From the perspective of power, the theory of irrationality can be evaluated in numerous ways. For instance, “this theory connects extensively with the quest of social power by some people” (Nash, 2009). This implies that there is no rational explanation behind the intensive search for wealth by some people. The theory of rationality is another platform that has been used consistently within the framework of analyzing the current issue of power in the political community. This theory holds that there are notable patterns, and hence explanations for how things occur. This can be put into perspective in terms of analyzing the motives behind the quest for power by different people.

While some people consider power as a platform for attaining social honor, others are attracted to the inherent value of power. In view of such aspects, patterns can be drawn in line with the framework of “how power is distributed and acquired in the modern world” (Hardson, 2010). The fact that some people manipulate others for their own benefit is an excellent platform that constitutes the theory of rationality. The theory of the iron cage can also be integrated extensively within the framework of putting power into perspective. This theory has been developed by Max Weber and holds that there are various ideological aspects that align people to different systems. The ideological influences can be assessed in terms of the social perspectives or economic perspectives. Consequently, the theory of iron cage can be “integrated extensively into the evaluation of power in the political community” (Shola, 2012).  The significance of this current issue is based on various issues. Firstly, power has inherent implications on the quality of wellbeing for people in the society. This influence can either be positive or negative. It influences the society negatively when a few people seek to enhance their own wellbeing at the expense of other people. On the other hand, power is positively influential if people seek to acquire it rationally.  


The analysis provided by Max Weber about power in the political community is valid. There are various perspectives and aspects that help in underling the validity of his arguments. Firstly, his analysis is strongly aligned to the reality in the modern societies across the globe. The quest for power is a dominant global issue that has caused conflicts in numerous ways. As some people seek to be members of a certain class, they disenfranchise others in the society. In view of such as framework, the negative aspects of power in the society are highlighted. The inherent connections between “power and party are also pertinent aspects of evaluation with regards to Max Weber’s analysis” (Mills, 2013).

According to this author, power might be associated with a given political party. However, this is not always am effective platform for assessing the dynamics of power in the community. While an individual might be a member of a given party, it cannot act as a guarantee that he or she has certain powers. However, this viewpoint has not stopped people or the society from associating a given party with power in the society. In view of such aspects, the viewpoints of Max Weber on power are valid. The theory of rationality acts as another vital platform that can help in underlining the validity of Max Weber’s insights and viewpoints into power as a current issue. The theory of rationality holds that ‘wanting’ is an inherent aspect of social behavior among human beings (Dye, 2007). This is an indicator of how people are continuously attracted to the inherent value of power. In essence, some people want to acquire power for the sake of it.

Additionally, other people pursue power in order to enhance their economic wellbeing. Most of the so-called powerful people in the modern society can allude to this viewpoint. Consequently, the pursuit of economic wellbeing is a pertinent aspect of power in the current society. The validity of Weber’s analysis is also depicted by the theory of Iron Cage. Fundamentally, this theory focuses on the enclosure of people to some systems. These “actions or behaviors can be associated with different ideological influences” (Slater, 2010). When people subscribe to a given ideology, they continuously work in accordance to its stipulations. This is an aspect that can help in explaining the aggressive nature of some people as they pursue economic wellbeing. For instance, a wealthy person like Oprah Winfrey is greatly driven by the motive of economic success. This has enabled her to become extremely powerful because of her level of economic and financial success.

The framework of analysis that focuses on social honor is also pertinent in terms of “validating his viewpoints towards the current issue of power in the society” (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010). According to Weber, there are numerous people who pursue power for the sake of acquiring some status in the society. Within this “group of people, economic wellbeing is less meaningful”. (Mills, 2013) Nothing matters more to these people than the social honor associated with power. This causes people to infringe on the fundamental rights of others as they seek to attain a certain social status. In view of social honor and power, Donald Trump is an outstanding example within the American society. This business mogul has amassed billions in terms of wealth.

However, he is more or less obsessed by the social honor associated with such wealth and power. He has built his business empire not only through intelligence but also by means of ruthlessness to some of his associates. This underlines that he is less willing to sacrifice his personal ambitions in favor of the wellbeing of other people (Ritzer, 2009). The theory of irrationality provides an excellent perspective of putting the issue of power and social honor into perspective. The fundamental stipulations of this theory hold that an individual’s decisions and actions are not based on reason. In essence, the cognitive framework of such people does not meet the stipulated standards of rationality. This is an aspect that aligns extensively to the pursuit of power in order to gain social honor.

It is extremely complex to justify why an individual would go through so much in order to acquire social honor (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010). This is classical irrationality playing its part in power within the society. In addition to Donald Trump, there are also numerous other people such as Britney Spears who pursue power for the sheer sake of social honor. In the chapter, Weber underlines that legal orders have inherent implications on power in the society. In essence, “some legal systems are strongly favorable to some people at the expense of others” (Pfeffer, 2010). This is an aspect that has had massive implications on the framework of power in the modern society.

The influential people are increasingly using different legal systems in order to enhance or protect their interests, and hence attain a higher level of power. This is valid because of the economic and monetary policies are disproportionately favorable to the wealthy people in the society. In view of such aspects, Weber’s perspectives on legal systems and power are strongly valid (Nash, 2009). The different legal systems are fundamentally meant to enhance the wellbeing of the entire society. However, powerful people manipulate some of these systems deliberately in order to promote their own good. These aspects have been addressed extensively by Max Weber in the chapter. Based on this analysis, the most essential aspects or dimensions of power in the society have been evaluated excellently by Weber (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010). The issue of status is an outstanding framework that influences most people towards pursuing power. In essence, an individual may want to be powerful so that he or she qualifies as a member of a certain status. This is an aspect that causes people to manipulate legal systems to their advantage.

In addition to status, the distinctiveness of group and class has been put into perspective within the analytical framework of power. These are essential platforms of power but should not be used interchangeably. This is because they are different entities that play different roles in the expression or representation of power. In most cases, economic wellbeing acts as a massively essential element for power (Hardson, 2010).

 The clamor for economic or financial independence is an aspect that has caused most people to seek power even in political circles. This underlines the essence of integrating both the theories of rationality and irrationality is the analytical perspectives of Max Weber. The integration of high standards of rationality would act as an essential aspect in the mitigation of countless violations on the existing legal mechanisms. The theory of iron cage also connects immensely to the viewpoints presented by Weber for power in the society. This is largely because of the influential role of ideologies in the actions of people (Slater, 2010). When people believe in a given ideological framework, they act in a certain way. For instance, some people believe that they can only be respected in the society if they belong to a certain class. This aligns to the theory of iron cage.


Appelrouth, S (2010). Sociological theory, Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE

Dye, D. R. (2007). Power and society, Mason, OH: South-Western

Hardson, B. C. (2010). Power and society: An introduction, Mason, OH: South-Western

Mills, L. F. (2013). The Effect of Political Sensitivity and Bargaining Power, Accounting Review, 68(3)

Nash, K. (2009). Contemporary political sociology, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons

Neill, M. (2013). Putting history to the question: Power and politics, Columbia        University Press

Pfeffer, J. (2010). Power and why some people have it, Harper-Collins

Ritzer, G. (2009). An Introduction to McDonaldization and Precursors, Thousand Oaks,    CA: SAGE

Shola, O. A. (2012). Remaking Power and Politics, Social Science History, 36(1)

Slater, D. (2010). Ordering power, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Friday, 06 December 2013 05:13

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Concrete Statements

University essays are required to communicate vital messages. Students are supposed to discuss topics with a high level of relevance to society or environment within them. However, the university essay must be based on concrete statements. This means that students must consult academic references when developing academic papers. The purpose of research is to guide the writer make accurate and valid judgments about an issue. In addition, university essays must use references that are credible. Using credible books and journals to inform the topic of academic papers makes them reliable. University essays are papers that should be used as references. They are used by lower-level students to learn topics. This means that they should contain information that is accurate. They should have citations that show sources used to develop ideas presented. In addition, it should include a list of references at the back. Bibliographies or lists of references are vital for additional research as may be required to confirm the credibility of statements.

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University Essay at a Fair Price

Learning activities in higher-level learning occurs through a variety of activities. Writing is one of them. It is an exercise that occurs throughout the academic life of students. It may be done in the form of simple homework assignments to complex research work, but despite the nature of the type of assignment, it is important to learn ways in which writing processes deliver success to the writer. This is particularly important for custom writing services.

Fair Prices

First, it is vital that custom writing produces university essays with prices that are affordable to clients. Price is the first thing that clients look at before consider other aspects. It is, therefore, vital that term-paper writing companies set prices that are not out of reach for the ordinary customer. High prices of custom reports or articles may discourage clients.  It is essential to complete purchase university essays, ensuring that quality is the prime consideration. Fair pricing ensures that online clients of custom papers are able to access quality products at affordable prices. In terms of enhancing the quality, it is necessary that university essays are written following the standard rules of research. What it means is that writers should conduct research and take note of concepts or ideas that are essential for completing university essays.

Research ensures that the discussions included in the papers make sense to the reader. It is, therefore, important to consider the type of reader for which the university essays are written. If the target reader is the general readers, the university essays should be written in language that is simple to comprehend. The terms or vocabulary must be simple, with a basic explanation of concepts. Technical terms should not be used. However, for a reader who is highly learned, the complexity of language makes university essays interesting. Technical readers prefer sentences and words whose meanings are not open. They prefer something intriguing.

Application of Knowledge

In developing university essays, the aim is to enhance students’ writing skills.  Homework assignments are given to test the students’ grasp of concepts taught in class. For this reason, it is necessary for students to ensure that their university essays exhibit the true nature of the capabilities. This implies that they should perform the assignments genuinely without copying the work of others. Instructors often test originality of the content presented by the student. Academic reports should be 100% original. Custom writing companies must ensure that they ensure that writers present information that is original. These companies should utilize assess all work completed for originality before forwarding them to respective clients. This is to ensure that clients get university essays that add value to their learning. It ensures that papers respond to real issues in society.

Articulate Presentation

            In order to demonstrate their ability to articulate ideas, writers must write university essays that demonstrate mastery of the English language. It is expected that college-level students are articulate, in presenting their opinions and thoughts. Therefore, grammatical errors are unacceptable at this level of learning. University essays must be free from such basic errors. It is not only in oral presentations that writers are required to be articulate. Written work must prove that the writer has a high mastery of the English language.  The requirement is that students should demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively. 

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Who will Write my University Essay

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Who will Write my University Essay

Writing a university essay can be academically demanding and requires students to do thorough research so that to develop a paper that meets the required standards. Most students do not understand what is required of them so that to deliver quality written paper and some are too busy to complete the assignment. Therefore, most of these students decide to hire writers who will assist them in completing their assignments. University level is a very important level in education and students should make sure that they do their best so that to score excellent grades. When students are seeking for writing help, they are supposed to make sure that they get help from writers who are experts in academic writing and one who understand the importance of education. There are certain writers who do not care about the success of the student and only focus on money that they will get. Therefore, students are normally advised to make sure that they hire writers who are experienced and who understand how important it is to excel in the assignments. In order to avoid all this trouble, we encourage students to select our writing services that make sure that the university essays that the student receives from us are of the highest quality.

Expert writers

University essays are normally custom written by writers who are experts in different fields of education. Our writers understand how important university level is, and they make sure that the services that the client receives meet all the required guidelines.  University essay writers have been writing university essay for students in different learning institutions, and we have never received complains about the quality of work that we sell. These writers have to undergo training before they can start writing essays so that to ensure that they are familiar will all writing guidelines. It is a requirement for the writers to read all details provided by clients before they can proceed with writing the papers. The writers normally make sure that they use the correct language and grammar in university essay writing. Our company use up to date research sources when writing and formatting of the university essay assignments is normally done according to the client’s instructions. These writers write university essays on any field of education as there are writers who are professionals in different disciplines of education. In case the student has a problem in selecting an appropriate topic for his paper, our writers normally assist clients in picking an excellent topic.

Excellent services

Our university essay writing services is the best option for students who are seeking help in writing. This is a company that is considered as having the most exceptional university essay writers who understand all writing standards of different learning institution. We have clients from different nations, and we make sure that all papers are written to meet or even exceed their standards. When the writers are writing university essays, they make sure that all information is original as we know the impacts of plagiarism as a severe offense and students who are found with plagiarized work may be expelled from school. Therefore, we make sure that we provide the best original and high quality work. Students should seek our university essay writing services as we make sure that papers are written according to the client’s requirement and delivered on time without any delay.

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