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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 09:42

Life Coach Services: Marketing Featured

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Life Coach Services: Marketing


            A life coach is a trained professional who works with a specific group of individuals, assisting them to make positive life changes. The life coach thus acts as the motivator and educator working with clients to achieve lasting lifestyle changes. The service of life coaching emphasizes on improving the internal functioning of a client. A person with the desire to become a life coach must make prior preparations before beginning his business.  As a life coach, Mona has specialized in assisting clients set realistic goals that will assist clients get a sense of direction in their lives.  Mona believes that it is by setting goals that an individual is able to achieve a sense of direction in his or her life.

The Case of Mona

 Mona needs an ideal strategy so as to market her service and establish her business as a favorite among many customers. Mona can use the internet and mass media to market her services. In the tech-savvy world, it is best that Mona uses available technology to market her service. It is impossible for Mona to get adequate clients without a sustainable marketing strategy. One strategy that Mona, can use is creating a web site. Mona can create a web site that indicates in detail, the services she offers. On the web site, she can have an interactive section which allows interested persons to contact her and make enquiries. Alternatively, Mona can create an informative newsletter and post it on the internet. The newsletter would be sent randomly to internet users as a form of spasm. However, rather than being unattractive and unwanted, Mona will ensure that the newsletter is attractive and calls out to the reader.

The newsletter can be simple, but attractive so as to draw the attention of the reader. It must also use simple and direct language that the reader would read and understand in a second (Schubnel, 2012). Mona should create a newsletter with catchy words and phrases that would instantly draw the reader’s attention upon opening. A catchy phrase such as “Setting realistic goals for a better life” would draw a reader to find out the main content of the newsletter.

Mona’s main clients would be those that are go-getters and achievers who feel as though they have hit a dead-end in their professional or personal life. The clients would be of either gender so as to expand her client base. It will be easier for Mona to work with such groups as they still have the drive to improve their lives.  Such a group would comprise of clients who are willing to learn vital skills that will help them improve their professional and personal lives. The life coach service will emphasize on offering a package services. The package service will emphasize on the professional and personal lifestyle improvement of the clients.  In other words, the coaching sessions will emphasize on improving the client’s overall well being (Purdie, 2010).

Marketing Strategies

 The key towards running a successful business is ensuring that customers are aware of the business hence can seek products or services from there. In the case of Mona’s life coach services, she needs to establish marketing strategies that will draw clients towards her. Mona can also place a print ad in the most read newspaper around her geographical area. The print ad will use graphical images and bright colors to draw the reader’s attention. The use of images and colors in print advertisement will be effective in attracting people to read the advertisement and get more information on the services Mona offers.

The social media can also be a reliable way that Mona can use to market her services and attract clients. Mona can open facebook and twitter pages for her life coach company. She can then use the twitter and facebook page to write about her life coach service (Schubnel, 2012). The facebook and twitter pages allow users to write limitless content hence Mona will have acquired a platform to communicate with potential clients with ease (Fairley, & Stout, 2010). Mona can ensure that the facebook and twitter handle are open and accessible to the public. This will ensure that all curious reader will access the information she writes on the facebook and twitter pages. Mona can also post short video clips on YouTube. The video clips will focus on her life of work as a life coach. The YouTube video will also provide viewers with an address with regard to clients that desire to contact her.


 The key towards running a successful life coach service is to establish a network for potential clients. Mona can rely on referrals from colleagues as well as previous clients. The ability of Mona to offer effective services will determine whether she will receive additional clients. Mona can distribute her business cards among her colleagues, friends and family so as to receive referrals. She must, therefore, inform those around her of her profession and the kind of service she offers. Mona can also network by interacting with life coaching organizations and social groups (Purdie, 2010). When she gets an opportunity to speak in any of the meetings of groups, she can mention her career and the professional service she offers. The problem with life coaching as professional service is that it is intangible, hence difficult for people unfamiliar with the service to grasp. Mona can use social groups and gatherings as a platform to educate the public about life coaching with regard to improving life.

Marketing Cost

As anew professional venture, Mona needs to establish marketing strategies that would be effective yet cheap to implement. Most of the marketing strategies selected above are cheap.  The use of social media, for instance is cheap as the process of opening up accounts and posting information is free. The use of print advertisement may cost Mona a few dollars as she has to pay to the local dailies. However, the effectiveness of these advertisements will be reflected in the number of clients that Moan will receive. A high number of clients’ means that Mona’s marketing expenses are recovered. The printing of business cards will also be costly as the cards have to be printed and professionally written. The marketing costs are bound to be felt with regard to cost and time. Mona will have to make several financial sacrifices before she finally establishes herself as a life coach (Fairley, & Stout, 2010).


The life coach business has come to gain respect and appreciation over time. The life coach professional became popular as societies began to appreciate the profession. Mona has a viable opportunity of ensuring that her business thrives. The use of technologies such as the internet and social media, as well as use of print media means that Mona has a wide variety of marketing opportunities to consider.


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