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Monday, 10 February 2014 13:53

Iphone Featured

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Today, we tend to have very many Smartphone’s and it appears to be difficult to decide which Smartphone is the perfect fit for our lifestyle, personal style, and budget. IPhone is considered as one of the leading Smartphone’s in today’s industry, and it is very easy to agree with this. Today, we have several people who rely on their iPhones in almost every of their activities. Today, the best way of figuring out how people are using their money is through looking at how people are using the internet.  Internet has made everything appear easy and possible. There are several people spending a lot of their time online while they are searching different staff online. The key question is to find how people use iPhone in today’s world. This paper will focus on how important an iPhone is to the life of people.

How iPhones are being used

IPhone appears to be the last phone a person may want to own as Apple company appears to have designed this phone so that to have the ability of doing almost everything one earth. When using an iPhone, the internet is considered as the most important thing. There are several applications, which have made it easy to using iPhones. With iPhones, the user can be able to share documents, files, and photos through the free Drop box application. This has made it easy for students to share files with their teachers and also other students. Employees can even share documents while they are at home or far from the office with other employees. When an employee is traveling to the office and might have a meeting or a presentation, it is possible to review the document through their iPhone, update, and even edit so that to avoid rushing when they arrive in the office.

People are using iPhones in taking photos almost in their daily lives. The iPhone users can be seen in the act of creating snapshots of their adventures, with the surrounding, their loved ones, while in concert outings, and even when their feet are in the sand. Personally, I am one of the iPhone users, and I tend to value my phone more than anything else. I carry my iPhone whenever I go to make sure I get the chance of taking photos of whatever I find exciting. With an iPhone, I have the chance of taking more photos because it is easy to carry and also fast to operate than having a camera around.

People who own iPhones tend to rely on them for blogging. With an iPhone, the user can have an easy access to several blogging tools and also applications. With Google mobile, it is easy to have features of Google on the iPhone which allows the user to look at images, updates, videos, blogs, and news and the user can link them to their own blog. With internet and an iPhone, the user does not have to by newspapers to have access to news because it is possible to have access to any information right at the comfort of their set with an iPhone.

An iPhone tend to have a lot of features where the user can add or even customize it. This is the reason as to why people rely on it for some of their activities. Personally, I am a music lover and with my iPhone it is easy for me to play music instruments with it. It is easy to play a guitar through the phone, and I tend to use the instrument when I feel bored as I can play the guitar without having it on my side. Therefore, with an iPhone, it is just like having a phone and a guitar in my pocket.  With an iPhone, it usually unlocks lots of possibilities for me whether I am at school, home, or even far away from home. I always find ways for making the most out of my iPhone, which is absolutely the best choice in the mobile industry.

People who are working in professional businesses tend to rely a lot on iPhone because it normally links their email, calendar, and contacts. It is possible for a person to have all that they require in the phone right in their finger tips. When a person is far from the office, an iPhone usually make it easy to have access to any emails that are incoming can also send emails. Most mothers and fathers tend to rely on their iPhones for their personal emails and also work calendar so that to be able to know what they are supposed to at a particular time while still responding to their family responsibilities.

An iPhone has such a large capacity of memory. This is something that is much useful for downloading music, movies, and also certain TV episode missed. People, who tend to travel a lot and those having a long distance journey tend to download movies in their iPhones and enjoy watching while on the journey. IPhones are normally useful for navigation. When people are traveling and do not know their way to the destination, an iPhone will act as a good guide to the destination. Tourists or people traveling to places they have never been before find the GPS navigation application in the iPhone most useful. The iPhone users usually rely on them because they are economically, and they also tend to provide a search, turn by turn, and terrific mapping navigation features. With an iPhone, there are several things that a person can do by just using the Google maps. It is possible to search for anything by just typing in the search box and get the direction and also destination. It is also possible to get information about traffic delays on the route.

Therefore, employees who are in a hurry to get to the office tend to use iPhone in navigation so that they can be able to determine the direction that they will use so that they can arrive in the office early and avoid all the traffic. I normally use my iPhone when trying to find out the street that I should use to drive my way to school which is helpful as my iPhone usually help me in avoiding traffic which makes it possible for me to arrive early in the class. I normally find it hard to arrive in school early mostly in the morning when I am not having my IPhone because there are several things that I will not be able to accomplish. In conclusion, iPhone has changed lives of many people and appears to be a basic need as people are now relying on it for most of the activities.

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