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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 05:06

Nursing Research Article Review Worksheet Featured

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Nursing Research Article Review Worksheet

Courtney, E, Ploeg J and Kassalainen S (2011) Case study of the attitudes and values of nursing students toward caring for the older adults.

  1. Describe the study and how it relates to your area of nursing.
  2. How do you know this article is peer reviewed?
  3. Identify the research questions.
  4. Identify the hypothesis and variables.
  5. Identify theoretical framework.
  6. Is the article a qualitative or quantitative research study? Explain your reasoning.

 This study examines the values and studies of fourth-year nursing students towards caring for older adults and their specific experiences with older adults. The method of study employed by research is Yn’s exploratory case study design. Fifty one students were included as a single case. They were later divided into three units, which are the anti-aged, pro-aged, and those with neutral bias towards the older adults. The main values tested are independence, wisdom, caring, experience, respect and wisdom. Five attitudes tested include love being with older adults, feeling sorry for them, frustrates with them and dislike them.

This is a relevant study especially with the increasing number of the aging population and their complex and varied needs. These new phenomena in nursing demands for more gerontological nurses than we have today. The implications of this study are of great relevance to my practice and education. This study guides me on the right attitudes such as respect and ability to care which are essential in developing positive relationships with older adults.


There are four ways of determining if an article is under the peer-review category. First is to limit the database search to only peer-review materials. This means that in finding this article, I had to limit my search to peer reviewed articles. I used an academic database for this institution allows me to limit my search for peer-review articles only. I also confirmed with the Ulrichsweb.com database to determine if this journal is under the peer-review article category. The last aspect is to examine the article publication to determine if it is a peer-review article. This comes in after the two above mentioned aspects are not showing if the article is a peer-review.


What are the values and attitudes do the fourth-years BSN students have towards providing care to older adults. How are these values and attitude influenced by their experiences (this include work, personal and those already in BSN programs).


The main hypothesis includes

1). That the core values such as experiences, wisdom, caring and respect are what determine the establishment of positive relationships with among nurses and older adults.

2.) The main or instrumental values are caring and respect.

3.) Terminal values include aspects like experiences and wisdom.

Various experiences had different influences students’ personal, values and attitudes towards older adults. Such experiences include volunteer or work experiences, BSN program experiences and personal experiences at home such as caring for their grandparents.

The variables are tested according to gender, age, experiences (educational, work and personal), BSN program on affiliation site, and biases concerning older adults.


This work is based on the theoretical framework given by various theorists. One of them is Rokeach (1968) in the theory of Organization and Change that explores beliefs, values, and attitudes and their impact to behavior. The theorist states that beliefs are prepositions which can be derived. These beliefs are influenced by actions and attitude towards a situation or object, consequently leading to behavioral response. This means that attitudes impact on behavior. Rokeach defines that actions occur within a preferential manner and can be based on dislikes and likes or evaluations of bad and good. Nursing students can, for example, chooses gerontological clinical placement because they believe it’s a good learning experience or like to be with older adults.


 This is a qualitative study that uses pilot study as its research design. The study precisely focuses on the researchers’ theories and concerns. The aim is to test methods and ideas and explore their effect or aim at establishing a grounded theory. The uses of a pilot study for this qualitative research are to help in better understanding of theories and concepts held by the subjects who are the fourth year BSN students.

The pilot study is not used as a means of getting additional concepts towards the theory used on Organization and Change and impact to a person’s attitude and actions. It is, therefore, helpful in understanding the actual aspects of phenomena, and how they impact on meaning. The pilot study in this qualitative research helps to understand how students respond to the event of caring for the older adults. The perspectives and meanings in a qualitative study constitute to a vital focus on the theory and to enhance the topic of the theory by Rokeach (1968). It is not used for building new blocks or a source of theoretical insights.


Courtney, E, Ploeg J and Kassalainen S (2011) Case study of the attitudes and values of nursing students toward caring for the older adults.

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