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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 04:28

Business Organizations Featured

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Business Organizations

Question 1

This section presents a review of the http://www.ombooks.com/ website. This website belongs to the OM Bookshop. It provides the organization with an online platform for selling books. Books are the core commodity sold through the OM Bookshop’s website. The website offers a variety of books including novels, inspirational books, class texts and many others. However, the websites also provide custom with options. Apart from buying books, customs can also buy other items such as mobile phones and computer applications through the site. Users can also purchase items such as computers, cameras and other electronics, automobiles and fashion product through this site. OM Bookshop has made noteworthy efforts in terms of enhancing the usability of the site. The website has divided the commodities into broad categories and created a page for each product category. The link to each product category is found at the top of the page making navigation easy for users. The categories also make it easy for users to find an item.

The website has also provided search tool that enables users to search items. This enables users to located items with ease. OM Bookshop’s website has also simplified the process of making a purchase. The process of purchasing an item begins by clicking on the item. The site opens a shopping cart when the user clicks on an item. The user is then provided with an option of proceeding to the checkout point or that of continuing to update the cart. OM Bookshop website provides personal attention to users as it allows them to create their accounts on the websites. The accounts make the process of making purchases easy. The accounts have also enabled OM Bookshop’s to implement a reward program. Regular clients, who have accounts on the websites, receive discounts on purchases.

OM Bookshop has also made its website appealing by making attractive display of products. The website presents the front covers of books and images of items thus attracting customer to the website. The color scheme is also simple and attractive. However, OM Bookshop has not made the website interactive. There is no application for enabling customers to chat with the custom support team. The custom can only get in touch with the support team through email and telephone. The website does also make provision for clients to review products and share product information. The website needs to enhance its interactiveness in order to enhance its efficiency.

Question 2

            This section presents a report to consultant. The consultant was hired to advise the organization on how to improve its performance. The insurance company intends to change its method of communicating with the customer. The report present various issues that the consultants need to consider while making his recommendations.

            ABZ is a large insurance company. ABZ offers both life and general insurance services. The firm’s product mainly targets the middle income group. The company has established branches in all major cities. This has been a vital point of strength for the firm. The large scale of its operation has exposed the firm to large market. The company has also recorded a strong financial performance over the last two decades aided by the popularity of the company’s brand. The strong financial performance helped to boost the financial position of the firm. Over the years, ABZ brand has been associated with the delivery of affordable insurance solution for its customers. This positioning aided the firm to develop a strong brand.

            Today, the company is experiencing difficulties competing on price. The price advantage has been eroded by other companies that have been able to come with their own quick solutions. The company had not established other sources of competitiveness. The dependence of low cost strategy has also affected the quality of our services. The firm finds it difficult to compete with companies that offer additional service features. The company has also laid little emphasis toward enhancing the relationship between the firm and its customers. Customers view the firm as a traditional company that offer cheap and low quality products. In order to enhance its competitiveness, ABX needs to change its brand identity.

            ABZ can enhance the brand identity of the company by exploring various opportunities. One of these opportunities is technology. Technology will enable ABZ to increase the efficiency of its operations. In this way, the organization will be able to maintain low cost without compromising the quality of products.  It will also enable the firm to enhance the communication and relationships with its customers. ABZ can also make use of the growing insurance market. ABZ can introduce fresh and innovative products thus increasing the appeal of the company. Customers love options and thus providing a variety of services will communicate a positive image.

            ABZ should look out for threats such as increased competition within the industry. Many players have joined the industry making the market highly saturated. This has increased the cost of operation and driven the prices downward. The prevailing economic condition has also affected the insurance business. The prevailing economic condition has led to the decline of the population’s purchasing power. This has affected the demand for the company’s products.  

Question 3

            The main target of private corporations is often to make profits. Many people argue that making profits is the only ethical responsibility for corporate organization. However, I believe that companies have to be accountable to society, as well as, the environment. This is because corporations are vital parts of society.

            Private businesses do not exist in a vacuum. They exist in a social context and this makes them part of the society. Businesses draw their employees from society. The investors and customers are also part of the society. Thus, businesses have the same responsibilities, as any other member of society, to ensure that societal interests are protected and advanced. Similar, businesses depend on natural resources in order to operate. Thus, they have a responsibility of ensuring that the natural environment is also protected. Concentrating on the maximization of profit is not sustainable because of the intertwined nature of the relationship between businesses, society and the environment.

          In my country, CSR is an essential part of business organization. This is because our collective nature of our culture. In collective cultures, such as ours, the interests of society are highly emphasized. However, corporations have not played a significant role in influencing ethical issues such gender parity, democracy and individual freedom. Women still face limited opportunities within corporations. It is difficult to find many women occupying to positions within corporations. The corporations have also made little efforts toward promoting freedom of individuals and democratization of society.

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