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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 04:17

A Balanced Diet Featured

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A Balanced Diet

Question 1

Emily is a lacto ovo vegetarian. This is because she refrains from meat but consumes animal products. Based on her diet plan, Emily has various sources of proteins. This includes soy milk and stir-fried vegetables (Veitch, 2012). These food substances are massively rich in proteins. Emily’s daily intake is not consistent with the recommendations stipulated in MYPyramid. For instance, her entire diet has minimal content of fibrous foods. In order to enhance her diet’s quality, Emily must consume sufficient fibrous foods and also reduce her intake of fats. She must also avoid the intake of potato chips.

Question 2

Emily is at risk of various nutritional deficiencies. For instance, her diet plan lacks sufficient water. Water is an inherent component of a balanced diet. In view of such an aspect, Emily should incorporate more water into her diet so that she can avert the different nutritional deficiencies associated with insufficient water. In order to facilitate for nutritional adequacy, it is crucial for Emily to avoid the various food substances which have a high content of calories.

Question 3

While Emily expected to lose weight, she ended up gaining. This is largely caused by the inadequate balance of the different food substances in her diet.  Firstly, it is massively essential for Emily to avoid a high intake of fats. Based on such a plan, she must avoid the potato chips. It is also notable that Emily consumes numerous food substances at a go. This dietary habit forms the basis of weight gain (Veitch, 2012). In place of the buttered popcorn and potato chips, Emily should consume more fruits. This includes mangoes and watermelons. These are highly nutritious and also prevent excessive weight.


Veitch, C. (2012). A balanced diet, Raintree Publications

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