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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 12:55

Semester Reflection Featured

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Semester Reflection

It is amazing how the within a short period of time my understanding, skills and knowledge of writing has been transformed from a naive writer to a professional writer. The short time I have undertaken the course has been one of the most informative and life changing period in terms of academics. It is through the work of this class that I have realized that even the most talented natural writers need some refinement for them to perfect their skills. The class has also taught me that, with concerted efforts, every can become a good writer. The course has offered me and other students an exposure that has expanded our horizon of thinking and writing. Right from the beginning, the class work opened us to a new way of thinking through not only the instructors’ insights but also the class material and textbooks.

The class helped me understand the basics of writing, which many writers assume. It also equipped me with exemplary skills in writing. It is no doubt that the class has changed the quality of my writing as evidenced by the pieces of writing I wrote before taking the class, and the one am writing now after taking the class. The transformation from a naïve writer to a proficient writer has helped me gain confidence in writing different materials. It has also created a good basis for me to further develop my writing skills. The class offered me an opportunity to improve my writing abilities It is through the class that I have come to master basic grammar rules and principles. The class has also triggered my imaginative world by offering brand new dimensions of looking at things.

In a short reflection, it is clear that the choice of material by our instructor was good. The instructor gave us relevant and up-to-date materials that contained relevant content. The materials were readily available, easy to use and written in a language that was friendly to the students. However, some of the books and reading material referred by the instructor were not available and when available contained information that was detailed for our level of study. The notes offered by the instructor were precise, clear and informative. The instructor did not over burden us with excess notes but offered us notes that were to the point. The instructor choice of examples was good. The examples helped us have a clear picture of all the concepts that the instructor was expounding.

 It also noteworthy to note the rate of instructor’s response not only to assignments but also to students’ inquiries and questions.  The instructor offered on-point response to questions from students and offered adequate consultation time.  However, many students did not utilize these chances because of valid reasons. It is, therefore, imperative for the department to study where consultation services are under utilized by students. The instructor also offered on-time response to the assignments and test. This helped us to reflect on the mistakes we made and areas of improvement.

In conclusion, although not without challenges, the semester and especially English 101, has been a success.  During the period, I have amassed knowledge and skills that have aided me improve my communication and writing skills. The semester’s content will serve as a base for furthering my skills in writing. English 101 is such a crucial class.

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