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Friday, 30 May 2014 15:39

Journal Entry 2 Featured

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Journal Entry 2

As nursing leaders, I expect to make significant changes in healthcare at a local, national and global level. First I will be an advocate for quality patient care. As a family nurse practitioner, I will instill in my colleagues the need to provide patient with quality care. I will also encourage teamwork in an effort to render quality services. The spirit of teamwork will enable healthcare professionals to work together and ensure that patients are properly diagnosed, treated and taken care of till recovery. I also intend to be a visionary leader i.e. a leader who outlines the future and establishes effective strategies that can be implemented to reach the set future. I will also be flexible and open to changes aimed at improving healthcare delivery (Guo, 2000).

Change is an inevitable process that affects all organs of a society. The healthcare sector is also affected by change, which in most cases if implemented yields positive results. As a nursing leader, I will be at the forefront to encourage my colleagues and juniors to embrace positive changes that will boost service delivery. In most instance changes are preferable rather than maintaining the status quo. Healthcare leaders who are inflexible with a tendency to maintain the status quo are often left behind with regard to efficiency and quality healthcare services.   I intend to become a nursing leader who advocates for change especially when the adoption of these changes will open up opportunities for the healthcare facility.

I also intend  be at the forefront in effective planning and implementation of advance practice nursing roles with the intention of minimizing current and future healthcare challenges.Nursing education will expose me to theoretical and practical training in preparation to becoming a family nurse practitioner. Nursing education will guarantee that I am competent and with adequate nursing knowledge to execute my task and duties. Nursing education will also expose me to existing health policies that I as a healthcare professional should adhere to during my nursing practice. Similarly, Nursing education will expose me to the world of research which is suitable for information searching.

Nursing education exposes nursing students to currently activities such as evidence-based practice (EBP). EBP is vital as it enables nurses make critical nursing decisions based on credible scientific research and findings.  As a family nurse practitioner, nursing education will provide me with additional nursing knowledge that will enable me to provide individuals, families, groups and communities with relevant health services. Nursing education will expose me to relevant skills and competencies for handling different groups and categories of patients (NONPF, 2011).

The care to different categories will be based on factors such as health promotion, diseases and injury prevention, rehabilitation and support. Each category of patients will be treated based in his or her immediate needs and the best strategy that can be adopted. Since my specialty will be endoscopy, nursing education ill guarantee that I can provide quality care. Similarly, nursing education will enable me to focus on the patient as a whole and not simply curing the diseases that the patient presents.


Guo, K. (2000). The entrepreneurial manager in healthcare organizations. The business review. Vol. 15(2):11

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. (2011). Nurse practitioner core competencies. Retrieved from http://www.goshen.edu/nursing/files/2011/09/NONPF-core-competencies.pdf


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