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Friday, 30 May 2014 15:34

Article Critique Featured

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Article Critique

This is an article that discusses the life safety measures through focusing on fire prevention, fire inspections, public education, and the safety of the firefighter. According to this article, the fire departments were developed so that to protect people by first offering prevention efforts. There are many fire departments which are not responsible of the fire code enforcement; therefore, the inspections are normally performed by other bureau of the fire department.  


Fire fighters are supposed to ensure that they are aware of the buildings in their area. Doing building checkups is important and never difficult because the business owners will never stop the inspector from looking around. In every aspect of fire prevention, sharing of information is a very essential component in survival and safety. This article relates very well with what I have been learning during my course as I have learned that information is normally valuable when it has been shared and acknowledged. When doing inspection, it is necessary to share the information obtained with other people concerned so that they can be aware of your target hazards and you are also aware of theirs (Kanterman, 2011). Doing inspections and pre fire planning are necessary as they are done ahead of time and they will be very critical in saving life.

According to the article, the main cause of fire includes apathy, indifference, ignorance, and extravagance. Fire may occur as a result of fire as people are not interested in the problem of fire. During the course, I learned that many people are very much concerned with their security than fire and tend to have the belief that they are likely to be victims of crime before being victims of fire. When observing most of the houses, more door locks can be seen than fire detectors. Many people are very ignorant about the issues presented regarding fire and others live an extravagant life where people have the perception that since one has insurance, it will help in paying anything that is lost (Kanterman, 2011). The ignorance that I portrayed by people regarding fire is because of lack of public education. The fire fighting department is supposed to provide people with information about what to do in case a fire starts.

 Point of view 

I believe that the public education need to target the middle age Americans because they are less informed about how to behave when a fire situation arises. Dialing 911 is the best way that people know on how to react when fire starts, but at times it might be too late; hence, people should be informed of how they can help themselves.  From my opinion about fire prevention, I believe that the most important thing that people should do is to learn to adhere to the safety measures that have been put in place so that we can ensure the safety.

In conclusion, carrying out fire inspection, public fire safety education, and code enforcement are important strategies that should be done as they have an impact on the safety of the victims and also the firefighter. These are strategies that need to be implemented so that we can ensure the safety of people and also be able to save most of our items because there are certain items that cannot be saved by insurance such as pictures, personal documents, and even mementos.


Kanterman, R (2011). Fire prevention, public education, and firefighter safety Fire engineering


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