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Friday, 30 May 2014 15:11

The Road not Taken-Robert Frost Featured

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The Road not Taken-Robert Frost

Literary works are the results of a poet’s creative thinking and imaginations. Literary texts are written with the purposes of drawing a reader’s attention. Attention can be drawn using the styles that a writer uses structure of the literary work or the overall meaning of a literary text.  Writers produce literary text with a specific purpose, and in most instances these texts have a basic, as well as hidden meaning. This paper analyzes the poem the road not taken by Robert Frost. The poem is basically talking about two paths that the persona has encountered in a forest. Symbolically, the poem is about the tough life choices that a person has to make and how each choice influences a person’s life outcomes.


The literary text that captured my interest was the poem The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. The poem is captivating right from the topic as it is an indication that the poem is about making a major decision. The poem is about making a choice between available options. Ordinarily decision making based on several choices is not easy to make. This is because each of the choices has its pros and cons and whichever choice that a person makes will have consequences. The poem also captured my interest as it is symbolic of the daily life choices that a person can encounter in his life. The first line of the poem introduces readers to a life of choices. The line “two roads diverged in yellow wood” already puts readers in a choice situation (Frost, 1916).

There can only be two types of routes: the correct one and the wrong one. Overall, the poem discusses the issue of decision making and the ability of a person to live with their decisions.The formalist approach best describes Frost’s poem. The formalist approach investigates the ultimate effects that a literary work has on a reader. The formalist approach analyzes literature as a unique form of human intelligence that must be examined on its own terms. According to the formalist approach all elements needed to understand a literary text are within the literary text itself. In the poem “The path not taken”, Frosty integrates different elements that structure the poem.

The poem is mainly symbolic and presents a person who is in a dilemma with regard to the appropriate path to follow. The paths as presented in the poem do not represent physical roads, but life decisions as encountered in a person’s daily life. Frost also uses word pictures such as “two roads diverged in a wood…” (Frost, 1916))I used the one less travelled by…” word picture draw readers into the poem and makes him visualize the experience as told in the poem.From the formalist perspective, the poem “the path not taken” is a poem about life choices (Frost, 1916).

Every person lead their daily lives based on the life choices they make. The poem gives a message about life and indicates that life is about the choices we make. In most cases, it is impossible to revert on choices already made as these choices significantly impact a person’s life. The poem demonstrates that in life, there actually is no right path. Life is about choices made and each choice that a person makes has consequences. Each choice that a person makes brings with it new life twists and life changes. The main message of the poem is that man should strive to cease the moment with regard to life opportunities that present themselves.


The road not taken is a poem that symbolizes the twists of life and the face of tough choices in life. The poem utilizes symbolism where the paths in the forest represent the decisions that a person can face in the course of their lives. Imagers and alliteration have also been used.


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