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Friday, 30 May 2014 12:19

Qualities Of An Effective Manager Featured

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Qualities Of An Effective Manager

There are ten main elements that define the characteristics of an effective manager. Under knowledge category, the elements include; Organization, Efficiency, Vision ability to plan and control. Under value category, the characteristics are trust, Sense of Perspective, Respect, positive attitude and ability to motivate. An effective manager can take these elements and these characteristics do define them as being effective leaders. The characteristics under the tow categories on value and knowledge helps managers to successfully carryout their business. For example, a manager with vision is an individual with the role of overseeing his employees and ensuring that their work is directed towards the business goal and success (Weth 2007).

Employees have to be directed in all stages of their work through ensuring that they are in the right track and that they receive the guidance they needed. The manager plays a significant role in a company by being responsible of ensuring that there is a smooth running of the business and that the business is efficient. They have the role of ensuring that all elements of the business are well organized such as data is well stored and can be easily received. Equipments and other machineries are in the right location, and that he knows when and how to use them. A company with a manager who is organized will experience the benefit of saving time and preventing clumsiness.

Control is another essential element of a manager.A manager needs to control employees and know the jobs they are doing at any given time. He or she assigned tasks and responsibilities to the managers and ensures that work do not get out of control. A manager also needs to be a good planner by having a schedule that n shows a set of tasks to be done and the time to do these tasks. This helps the company complete its top priority projects and have plans for future goals of the company.A manager also needs to motivate employees. This begins when he is motivated about his work and will be able to extend this to his team. Therefore, positive attitude comes to play.

A manager with a positive attitude will always encourage his team to work towards the best results and that no task is difficult for them. Therefore, a manager has to have confidence of them and have the belief that they can do even the most complex duties. Respect is another vital characteristic for an effective manager a manager who respects his team will be respected. Respect among each member of a company is gained, through smooth communication and ability, to solve the conflict without biases (Birch, 2008).An effective manager also needs to have a sense of perspective based on the actual comparative importance and interrelations. Finally is the element of trusts which is a major issue in defining an effective manager and also towards the workforce. A trusted manager by an employee means that he will be respected, and they will consider the job assigned to them as being of greater value. Managers also need to trust their team or workers in completing tasks and getting jobs done. A relaxed environment creates this trust because employees will not fear the consequences of their work (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013).


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