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Saturday, 24 May 2014 15:35

Science Fiction Featured

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Science Fiction

Question One

The “hard work” music montage strives to demonstrate to viewers the high technological devices used to investigate a murder or an illness. The music montage does not focus on the characters in a scene, but the equipment that characters are using so as to resolve a problem. Viewers get an opportunity to have an up close of the technologies in use as directors intentionally eliminate the characters using this equipment. The elimination of humans in these music video montages ensures that viewers focus on the equipment only.

 Question Two

In addition to hard work music montages strive to demonstrate how the truth cannot remain hidden with the use of technology.  Technology is thus given some sort of authority over the humans. In the series Bones, Angela has the ability of reconstructing faces of murder victims, but instead of using these skills, she uses digital technology as it yields accurate results.

Question Three

The music montage stands apart from the dialogue scenes like a separate music video

 Question Four

C. The forensic science shows rely on science and technology to find the truth rather that emotional and fallible humanity

A. The bodies of technicians are covered in lab coats so as not to distract viewers from the science equipment


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