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Saturday, 24 May 2014 14:59

Physical Science as Critical Thinking Featured

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Physical Science as Critical Thinking

Volare a Grandezza

Description of Symbols in the Heraldic Shield

1.0 Motto: Volare a Grandezza

Volare a Grandezza is a Latin phrase that means flying to greatness (S.O.M.A., 2010). This motto reflects the ambition and vision that I have for the academic and other aspects of success, in life. It means that I am ready to fly high to any height to achieve greatness. I always try to be the best in all that I do.

2.0 Animal: Hawk

The hawk symbolizes power and aggression. The attributes associated with the hawk include being observant, long-sightedness, guardianship, messenger from the universe, and wise of opportunities. In Native American culture, the hawk is symbolic to a messenger. It was believed that the hawk delivers messages such a reminder to the talent we are not utilizing, or the gratitude we are not expressing, or anything else we may be overlooking. There are many species of hawks, each of whom represents a unique message from the universe. Hawks are visionaries and protectors of the air. They are symbolic to the key of greater levels of consciousness.

Therefore, this symbolic power awakens the vision in us and inspires us to adopt a creative purpose for life. Having the hawk as a choice animal implies that our lives are filled with responsibility. We are required to seek the overall view.A hawk possesses a variety of hunting skills. For example, it follows the effort of its prey to get way, swiftly (Erickson, 2012). With the powerful beak and claws, it captures and kills its prey. For humans, this is indicative of destiny. A man can run but cannot hide from destiny. Eventually, destiny catches up with every man.

3.0 Plant: Oak Tree

Undoubtedly, the oak and the eagle are two masterpieces among God’s creation (Omeife, 2013). Each of the two is king in its domain. For example, the eagle is king among birds while the oak is king among trees. The oak tree is symbolic to courage and strength. Socrates, the great Greek, regarded the oak as an oracle tree. The leaves of the oak tree are medicinal. They are used to heal certain diseases. In the state of Georgia, the oak tree is state symbol for the strength, greatness, and endurance of the people of Georgia. In the same way, the oak tree in the heraldic shield symbolizes the need for strength and endurance, in order to be successful in endeavors of life.

4.0 Colors: Green, White, and Brown

Culture conditions the colors that we see (Gage, 1999). Every color has a positive and negative symbolic meaning (Hartman, 1998). However, this heraldic shield utilizes the desirable meanings of color. Green is symbolic for nature, environment, good health, youth, renewal, and spring. It carries all the positive connotations of nature. Brown denotes comfort, endurance, comfort, simplicity, and stability. White symbolizes simplicity, purity, youth, peace, and precision. These three colors converge in attributes such as good health, endurance, and stability. These are the values inherent in my personality and culture. For everything that I do, I want it to bring endurance, good health, and stability.

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