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Saturday, 24 May 2014 05:39

Healing Hospital Paradigm Featured

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Healing Hospital Paradigm

Many hospitals are adopting the healing hospital paradigm as a new approach in providing medical care. Though the modern medicine has managed to achieve the desired effects on the progress and revival of patient’s health, the inclusion of the healing paradigm provides the additional benefit. Most importantly, patients are able to respond in a faster way to the modern medicine treatment when combined with the healing hospital paradigm. Healing is a process of becoming healthy and sound according to the Oxford English Dictionary.This definition has not used the word medicine as being an important factor in the attainment of the healing process.

However, it shows that healing is a process that involves tapping into one’s spirituality and these results to inner tranquility and peace. A patient with this inner spirituality is able to respond faster to the medication and treatment that he or she is given. The dedicated healing division has, however, not been incorporated, by many hospitals, to be part of their responsibility. In fact, the sense of profit making to healthcare organizations has clouded their fundamental medical profession of proving patients the compassion their need before subjecting them to treatment.

 Thesis statement

This paper urges the importance of incorporating the healing hospital paradigm for health care organization. I will show the components of healing the difficulty involved in maintenance and setting up of this paradigm and an example of a biblical representation to show how healing is closely related to spirituality. Healing is not just the source of bring healthcare and love, but a source of loving care to patients.


The human body is divided into three main parts which are the body, mind and soul. The soul is the immaterial and spiritual part of an animal and human being, and it is perceived to be immortal. A person’s spirituality and soul are made from a person’s sense of identity and emotional or moral nature. The mind element enables human beings to be aware of their experiences and the world around them, to feel and think. The body forms the physical structure. These elements have to be in a balance so that a patient attains optimum health.Certain elements have to be kept fundamental or take place in order for the true love towards the patient is shown. The first element is the environment which has to be conducive.

Such an environment is essential f and is defined by the true love and compassion showed by staff members. The healthcare providers have a task of seeking best ways of improving their patients well being so as to show them compassion. Nurses, therefore, should not view patients as the source of burden to their daily tasks or working so as to get paid (Sacredwork.com). Instead, they should know that nursing is a discipline based on the need to show compassion and kindness. If these values are lost, it means that the wellbeing of patients will be negatively impacted. The environment has to be a place with limited commotions and pollution. It should be a wonderful scenario bout outdoor and indoor so as to instill a sense of tranquility and peace to patients (Sacred work. Com).

Another vital element is technological advancement that forms the matrix on healing hospital paradigm. Technology helps to deal with the medical conditions that are unique to patient’s needs. The best and highly advanced technologies are essential in addressing these needs (sacred work journal.com).The last element is the full dedication of physician and nurses in providing patients a loving care. This loving care is the most important, and it is in charge of giving patients the treatment they need. Without the same goal, healthcare practitioners, then all the other elements will not properly function (sacred work.com).


Establishing a hospital design that is healing hospital paradigm is always faced with various challenges. An article by Zborowsky Terry indicates that studies have shown that the closeness to nature supports patients suffering from excessive anger and stress in meditation (Zborowsky. et. al, 2013). Hospitals do not view the importance of this closeness to nature in assisting patients to relax. Another critical element that is often ignored by hospitals is providing patients with rooms with controllable lighting and room temperatures.

The designing of hospitals do not fit the specification that forms a conducive environment. Instead, most hospitals are designed like jail houses or school dormitories. This challenges patients by increasing their stress levels; inability to move with ease, lack of privacy and see that time passes slowly (Zborowsky, et. al, 2013).Simple paintings representing nature and the landscape can help. The main challenge for hospitals to create such an environment is expenses especially now that the healthcare system is faced with the means of reducing costs.

The limited number of nurses is also another challenge for developing a healing hospital because nurses have to care for many patients within a short time. This means that patients end up receiving no any social assistance (Zborowsky, et. al, 2013). Hospitals do not have a system that supports a patient centered approach, and this leads to patients being identified in numbers just like prisons. Patients are also not visited at any time by their families, and this makes them feel like hostages. This leads to an environment which operates in bureaucracy or machine like the kind of way (Chapman 2010, p. 36). Therefore, there is the need to change the healthcare organizations culture to a better healing that encompasses spiritual, physical and emotional well being of patients.

 Biblical passage or parable

Jesus in James 5:14-15 inquired if there is a sick person in the crowd and if they are there, they will be anointed by the sacred oil given to them by church leaders. It is through their faith and power of prayer that they will be healed. This is a passage that is closely related to the healing hospital paradigm. It shows the link between prayer and one’s healing process. Healing for this case is based on the spiritual ground of prayer and is a means of giving hope to patients and families.


Healing hospital paradigm, being a new model for the medical profession, is gaining popularity. It is a model that supports patient centric attention to enhance the overall wellbeing of patients. The healing hospital focuses on compassionate care and radical love and draws on coping strategies and hope via spirituality. This has enhanced support of religious, secular and community practices.


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