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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 03:31

Introduction Writing Featured

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Introduction Writing

My name is Amit Thakur. I am from India and in my second semester of the second year in mechanical engineering at Yale University. Since I started taking courses in writing I have learnt a lot and developed interest in the skill of writing. There are different methods of writing, and I have practiced a lot through the various assignments that we have been getting from the concerned instructors and from the articles that I have been writing for personal practice. Realizing the immense importance that writing has in any field I have been able to learn and write papers that are research based and which offer an insight on what I do as a student engineer.

Writing covers a myriad of areas including writing research papers, resumes or curriculum vitae, letters, reports and term papers. Careful and detailed skill development and acquisition are necessary for mastering the skills that will help me in presenting myself better. Writing is fun and a means of expression and so far I am writing more and seeking more knowledge on how to write different papers both official and unofficial writing. Despite my liking for writing and a desire to learn more about the art of writing, I have experienced many challenges that have made my progress as a learner to be slow.

Writing demands that I have the best grammar, know how to arrange and use the tenses and how to format the different types of documents. Being that my academic background is not English, I have to make numerous references and most of the times seek guidance, and this has led to the slow progress in terms of acquisition of the necessary skills. I have done well to do a lot of writing to practice, and I have the right formats in which the different documents are to be written in, and I have to do a lot to score more on language and grammar in general. I have written short, descriptive papers, which explain who I am or what I do. Some of the papers that I have written have been technical papers like proposals and term papers. These require the use of technical and very specific jargon which I have to learn more to improve on the quality of these papers.

Most people find writing to be boring and will always suggest that it is left to the students of language. I tend to find it a necessary skill that needs to be acquired by everybody. I find it to be a valuable skill because it can help me in writing my research papers, drafting those job application papers or even in writing my own curriculum vitae. Sometimes assistance in writing these papers may not be forthcoming or, if it is available, it will be very expensive and time consuming. It’s necessary that everybody learns how to write good papers and especially the technical aspect of writing papers that are subject related, for example, the research papers. Writing is enjoyable if you know what and how to write and can be very difficult if the finer details concerning the kind of paper that you are writing you do not know. Different papers require different formats, and different language use and this also present a problem because I have to master all formats and the different fine details that go into developing and writing these papers.


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